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John Thompson

John Thompson

Posted: December 21, 2010 03:04 PM

I have the potential to be the BEST, but all you see are results on the test,

The DC-CAS doesn't assess my true abilities,
Provide me with a quality education and I'll achieve proficiency,

I'm tired of teachers teaching to the test,
Then we leave school and still don't measure up against the rest.

- Dallas Otigba

This slam was featured by Bill Turque of the Washington Post. The following verse about soccer is from DC Scores:

ATA Scores had to stay inside because of the violence that happened outside, It isn't fair that we couldn't have our game,

Man oh man... the violence, what a shame!

Dontrese F. of Johnson Middle School was described as "a star who confidently walked back and forth, across the stage with the microphone in hand."

Dontrese's "I Love to Learn" told everyone that she loves "History ... Math ... Reading ... Science ... All I love; I ain't lying."

Noyes Middle School performed "A Recipe for Peace," with each poet mixing in an ingredient -- "a bit of caring" here, "a pound of respect" there.

Be sure to keep reading down the article to the account of a student not being constructive enough in critiquing a fellow performer, and how a classmate demonstrated a more sensitive way to offer constructive criticism.

I do not want to tarnish the moment by bringing up adult issues, but perhaps a reader can fill us in on a statement on the DC Scores blog. Interim DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson started the performance with a "fiery introduction" of the students. The week before, Henderson voiced regret about "data craziness." Is it possible that adults could learn from these wonderful kids and treat students as more than test scores?


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