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John Tsilimparis

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6 Tips For A Healthy, Committed Relationship

Posted: 03/ 9/2012 5:00 am

Over the many years of treating couples in my private practice, I have used six behavioral directives that help committed relationships last. These directives are of course only effective when both partners are honestly dedicated to the relationship and are willing to change and grow together.

Remember, all couples come to therapy with good intentions. They all desperately want to improve their relationships and make them last. But the only way that happens is when each partner agrees to change their behavior. No behavior change, no growth. No growth means the relationship will suffer over time.

Here are the six tips:

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1. Both partners must commit to the practice of lowering their expectations of each other.

This means they must put aside wanting their partner to be perfect in all areas and begin the process of accepting their partner for everything they are and everything they aren't. This does not mean lowering your standards or settling for someone that you are not compatible with. It also does not mean compromising your personal values and beliefs about how you want to be treated or even how you want to be loved. It simply means having realistic expectations of each other that are reasonable and practical.

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