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John Ziegler
John Ziegler is a conservative filmmaker who has directed two feature documentaries, including, "Media Malpractice...How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted," which features an exclusive, news-making interview with then Governor Palin. He has appeared live on numerous national television shows including the Today Show and The View. He is also a columnist who has written two books. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles. He can be reached through

Entries by John Ziegler

The PGA Tour Opposes Anchored-Putting Ban: Why It Matters

(2) Comments | Posted February 25, 2013 | 9:44 AM

In a move that is essentially unprecedented, the PGA Tour has announced that it is prepared to go to war with two of the other major governing bodies in golf, the USGA and R & A, over their proposed ban of the anchored putter style. For non-golfers this...

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Why the Conservative Media Got It So Wrong

(1669) Comments | Posted November 6, 2012 | 10:13 PM

There is no doubt that going into the final days of this presidential election there was a greater disparity in the perceptions of what the outcome would be among the media elites of each political side than any other time in the era of modern technology. Liberals were completely convinced...

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A Conservative's Take: Top 10 Reasons Why Romney Lost

(1276) Comments | Posted November 5, 2012 | 7:39 AM

When I was on the Today show in February of 2009 to promote my documentary about the 2008 presidential election, Media Malpractice, I told Matt Lauer that President Obama was a lock to win in 2012. Before the votes are even counted, I am willing to...

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The Lessons of the Drudge/Hannity False Alarm

(67) Comments | Posted October 3, 2012 | 10:10 AM

Like most political junkies, when I first saw the famed "Drudge Siren" announce that there was a tape of Barack Obama that could be a "game changing" event in the presidential campaign, I was intrigued. After all, Drudge usually only breaks out the vaunted siren for very significant "scoops."

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2012 Election: Top Ten Truths Conservatives Don't Understand

(4) Comments | Posted October 1, 2012 | 1:35 PM

I have already written extensively about why I disagree with most of my fellow conservatives about the likely outcome of this presidential election. Unfortunately, I am confident President Obama, barring a meltdown of NFL replacement referee proportions at the debates, will be reelected in a close election.

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Why Mitt Can't Reach That "5-10%" and Obama Will Win

(101) Comments | Posted September 18, 2012 | 8:43 AM

After the 2008 election I made a documentary about the news coverage of that historic event called Media Malpractice. It was based on the notion that the media played a integral role both the electoral victories of President Obama that year as well as the destruction of Sarah...

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Conservatives Take a Dive on Fox News Navy SEAL Leak

(99) Comments | Posted August 26, 2012 | 3:45 PM

A little over a month ago, I spent an entire weekend with former Navy SEALS helping to produce a video for use in the presidential campaign by an outside conservative group. The SEALS I spoke to were very upset about the leaks for the Obama administration regarding the details of...

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Sarah Palin Does Not Deserve to Speak at the Republican Convention

(203) Comments | Posted July 17, 2012 | 7:56 PM

Newsweek is out with a thinly sourced "news" piece which attempts to make the argument that conservative Tea Party activists are up in arms over the apparent fact that Sarah Palin has not been invited to the Republican National Convention. Palin is quoted via email as saying, "I'm...

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College Football Playoff: A Good Plan, But with Problems and Losers

(2) Comments | Posted June 28, 2012 | 7:42 PM

I have been very passionate that the best solution to fix college football's postseason woes was the so-called "Plus One" system. Unfortunately, no one who mattered seemed to care about my opinion and the Lords of the Game have agreed on a four-team playoff starting in...

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BCS Playoff: The 'One' Plan Which Can Pass and Save College Football

(9) Comments | Posted June 14, 2012 | 2:19 PM

The Lords of the BCS, college football's controversial system for determining a national champion, met again in Chicago and released a vague statement about the progress of their negotiations. It is widely presumed that they will eventually create some sort of a four-team playoff.

It also appears...

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The PGA Tour Cheats on Behalf of Tiger Woods and Sets a Dangerous Precedent

(11) Comments | Posted May 9, 2012 | 12:18 PM

By far the most underreported sports story of this past weekend involved Tiger Woods missing the cut at the PGA Tour's Charlotte stop. But it wasn't the missing of the cut that deserved far great headlines than it got (Tiger failing on and off the course is not nearly the...

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An Electoral College Tie: Far More Likely Than You Think

(54) Comments | Posted April 17, 2012 | 4:13 PM

While, from the perspective of the calendar, it is obviously very early in the presidential race, the outcome may be far more set in stone than most observers are willing or able to admit. I have said during the primaries that a presidential election is far more like a poker...

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Sarah Palin's Reaction to Roger Ailes' Truth Is Delusional

(62) Comments | Posted April 17, 2012 | 1:28 PM

After spending about two years vigorously defending her and the last year trying desperately to educate conservatives about the problem that she has become, at this point in my life it is very difficult for me to get exorcized about nearly anything that Sarah Palin does or says. I have...

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Why Has Sarah Palin Not Been Suspended by Fox News?

(513) Comments | Posted February 16, 2012 | 1:05 PM

Of all the people who have ever been favorably associated with Sarah Palin, there is no doubt that I have been by far the most outspoken about how she has destroyed whatever remaining credibility she may have had by making numerous highly hypocritical and ethically questionable...

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CPAC: An Inside Look at Why It Is a Fraud

(172) Comments | Posted February 9, 2012 | 10:03 AM

There may no better evidence of how quickly things can change in the political realm than my experience with CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference going on in Washington this week). This familiarity has also revealed to me what a fraud the entire affair is and why it should be...

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Does Sarah Palin Want Obama to be Re-Elected?

(87) Comments | Posted January 30, 2012 | 8:11 AM

We certainly live in bizarre times and everyone knows that politics makes for strange bedfellows. But the fact that as of late I (the guy who spent over two years being probably her strongest defender) have been one of the very few on the right pointing...

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John Ennis Thinks I'm "A Dumbass": A Point by Point Response

(36) Comments | Posted April 19, 2009 | 11:28 PM

While I intend a more expansive response to my many critics on the USC issue tomorrow, I wish to address specific falsehoods, distortions and personal attacks in this hatchet job post by John Wellington Ennis -- which he is trying to pass off as journalism.

In his first paragraph...

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