02/01/2006 11:49 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tipping Point On Iraq

New polling data reveals that Americans are more inclined to favor a staged withdrawal of US troops from Iraq than follow President Bush's admonition in his State of the Union Address that troops must stay until the job is done and to preserve our nation's honor. By a margin of 43% to 36% the staged withdrawal option leads, with 18% saying they share neither position. In further evidence that this has become a partisan war: Democrats favor a staged withdrawal 76% to 4%, as do Independents 48% to 27%, while Republicans agree that the US must finish the job and preserve US honor 76% to 7%.

Only 41% agree that America has made progress in the war and needs to be much more aggressive in fighting the insurgents (56% disagree). And 40% agree that despite distaste for the deaths of American soldiers, they believe that Americs is winning the war and will eventually wear down the enemy (59% disagree).

When we posed the statement, "I believe that the US has accomplished all it realistically can, and to remain longer (in Iraq) will not benefit Iraq or American soldiers. It is time for a phased withdrawal of troops" -- 55% agree and 44% disagree. Even 46% want troops withdrawn immediately, though 53% disagree.