NY State Assembly Prefers Pro Bull Riding over UFC?

07/09/2010 10:55 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Once again the movement to legalize professional MMA in the state of New York will fall short in 2010.

Regardless of what you may think of MMA as a sport, it is legal in virtually every other state in America. New York is presumably attempting to stand on some sort of moral grounds that are dubious at best and hypocritical at least.

NYC in particular and Madison Square Garden in specific are the real issues.

Does anyone truly believe that a UFC show at MSG is going to destroy the moral fiber of New Yorkers?

Let us not forget that on any day you can see a buff, Fruit of the Loom jockey short wearing, cowboy playing his guitar in Times Square....yeah he's wearing cowboy boots!

And some lawmakers in Albany are afraid of exactly what happening?

If their objections are related to potential safety of the participants that can be reasonably discussed and addressed. I would remind the concerned lawmakers that much more dangerous sporting activities such as football, little league baseball, cheerleading, motocross,boxing and my personal favorite professional bull riding (PBR) are all currently welcome in Manhattan. The safety record of MMA, especially that of the UFC, compares quite favorably too many of the sports that routinely take place in the Empire State.

At some point, the power brokers of New York will accept that professional MMA can be conducted in manner consistent with the accepted moral and safety standards of their great state.

True enough, attending live MMA may not be for everyone but neither is hunting or male figure skating for that matter.