That Muffin Top Is Killing You

09/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011


The fundamental problem is that most people, especially women, have been conditioned to view obesity as a cosmetic beauty issue.  They don’t like their appearance. The nebulous dream of six-pack abs or a sexy bikini body is most peoples fleeting motivation.  Obesity is more importantly a very serious public and personal health emergency. 

Obesity is as deadly as cancer and a whole lot more common.  Madison Avenue has spent an untold fortune to convince you that ‘Big is Beautiful’ and ‘Plus size women have more fun’.  No, plus size women have more heart disease, diabetes, strokes and facial hair… Sorry, but it’s true.

I am not telling you to hate yourself but rather to love yourself enough to reclaim your good health and vitality.  Live a vigorous life.  Love with great passion.  Be happy in your soul.  And be honest enough to admit, that struggling with obesity related health issues fails to promote any of these reasonable pleasures or helps you to experience your full potential as a human being.

Until Americans change their perspective and attitude about obesity very little is likely to change. 

You cannot buy your way out of obesity.

Cosmetic issues are addressed with a purchase or payment to your plastic surgeon.  It is fueled by the idea that some piece of clothing, make up, skin treatment or surgeon is going to make you more beautiful and feel better about yourself.  You are not required to do anything more than purchase what you desire.  This perspective has sold billions of dollars of goods and services but clearly has failed to adequately address obesity.

You will never get control of your weight until you get control of yourself.