11/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Will We Accept the President's Challenge? History is Watching

Each generation is faced with a defining test of character.  Your grandparent’s generation fought a world war.  Your parent’s generation bled for civil rights for all. 

Affordable health care coverage for all Americans will be our moment of truth.  It will be how history remembers us.

Our fiscal and moral responsibility mandates that we solve America’s greatest challenge.  The cost associated with continuing to allow tens of millions of hard working people to languish in the nation’s emergency rooms is untenable.  Failure to act dooms the future of families, small businesses, and literally our American way of life.

Turning a blind eye when insurance companies deny coverage and drop critically ill people whom have paid their premiums is morally corrupt.  Is your health care coverage safe if you get laid off or fall victim to corporate down sizing?  Is it fair that due to no fault of your own the plant closed?  You were fortunate enough to find a new job before you depleted all of your savings but the new job’s health plan will not accept your wife because she has a history of non-cancerous but abnormal mammograms?  Is it just that your child’s chemotherapy can be discontinued because your family has exceeded your company’s health plan’s yearly cap?

Do you continue to believe that our current health care and insurance systems are well and not in need of major surgery?

Do you not know a senior that struggles to afford their medication?  Have you never waited seemingly endless hours to be seen in a local emergency room.  Has your or your wife’s gynecologist given up delivering babies (obstetrics) because of the potentially crippling malpractice risk and the ridiculously expensive insurance that they must carry if they do?  Does your doctor even go to the hospital anymore or have they been forced financially to relinquish your care to a hospital employed physician that you have never met?

We can either cower down and fail when we are tested or we can stand strong, like our forefathers, and be committed to confronting and overcoming our defining moment.   We must bear the responsibility to convey a healthier America to our children.

History is watching.  This is our opportunity to be great!