A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Three to Watch (Courrier, Daniela Brooker, and Mission South)

04/29/2013 02:37 pm ET | Updated Jun 29, 2013

They say good things come in three's. Actually, maybe it's celebrity deaths but I forget. In any event, today's A-Sides presents three artists who are each bring something awesomely different to the table. Austin's Courrier reminds me of Coldplay but with an indie sensibility. Daniela Brooker is being called a cross between Taylor Swift, Shakira and Sheryl Crow, but this British teenager sounds far more original than to be blended in with those three vastly different artists. Lastly, D.C.-based band Mission South have been compared to Dr. Dog and will no doubt get thrown into The Black Keys genre-bending game, but the roots-rock band sound more like Mission South to me. Hearing is relative so forgive all my convoluted thoughts. Watch and hear these artists for yourselves in a series of A-Sides sessions all filmed within the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY. I feel in all of my loins you'll be hearing a lot about this triple threat no matter what you think.

Courrier released their sophomore album Cathedrals of Color in March, and already had a top 50 radio single with their debut "Love is a Fire." That song, by the way, has appeared on numerous TV shows include Gossip Girland The Vampire Diaries. At an A-Sides filming two weeks ago, the band performed that track as well as current single "Inch of Rope" and spoke about each. Watch them perform "Inch or Rope" below, and visit for an exclusive performance of "Love is a Fire" and an interview Easter egg in which the band (Philip Edsel, Austin Jones, Nathan Drake, and Taylor Bartholomew) refuse to tell me which music festival they recently signed on to play. Watch. Listen. Love.

Courrier Perform "Inch of Rope"

Courrier Interview:

Everyone from MTV Buzzworthy to Telemundo have covered Venezuelan British Pop artist Daniela Brooker. Have a listen to her distinct voice, and it's really not surprising why the 19-year-old musician is gaining more traction than a kidney stone inside Ronnie Ortiz's body. Watch her perform two tracks back-to-back off her soon-to-be released album, followed by an interview with this guy (pointing to myself here.)

Daniela Brooker "Heartbreaker" & "Wind Me Up"

Daniela Brooker interview:

Mission South finish up today's trifecta. Fresh off shows at SXSW, the trio of Dan Miller, John Beck, and Max Harwood are on the road in support of their new EP, Migration Vol. 2, which dropped like it was hot earlier this month. The band comes equipped with not just a unique sound, but a very unique back story. Wrote a song about it... like to hear it? Here it go: Miller, Beck, and Harwood have known each other essentially since embryos. They lived next to each other, wrote music in middle school, played together in high school, and despite going to different colleges, continued to make sweet-ass rock music together whenever they could.

Since graduating college a year ago, Mission South have wrapped up the aforementioned EP, and already performed in such hot spots as the 9:30 Club in D.C. and The Fox Theatre in Denver. They're currently in the midst of a 50-date national tour in support of the EP. Let me remind you - they graduated college last year. Where were you a year after college? I know where I was, and it wasn't living out my dreams and playing music to the masses! I substitute taught at a school in the Bronx, and worked at a day camp. Jealous? Anyway, respect these guys below.

Mission South - "Helicopters"

Mission South Interview:

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