07/07/2010 11:01 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Band on the Rise: Deluka Makes Pretty Music Out of Pretty Woman

It would be cool enough for Deluka to simply look good and sound awesome, which on both fronts they do, but the fact they've based their band name on Kit De Luca, AKA Julia Roberts' hooker best friend in Pretty Woman -- well, that just about aces it. (Off topic -- "Cinder-fn-Rella" would work for a hair metal band.) Laura San Giacomo references aside, Deluka is a new rock synth band out of Birmingham, England, who rock audiences each night while commanding them to drip of sweat from dancing so hard.

After putting out an impressive EP last year, the band's full-length debut album arrives on Vel Records this October. As they finished up the record in their current stomping grounds (Brooklyn), I caught up with the band and asked them how the record was progressing, what they expect the reception to be when it comes out, and where they think they'll place in the music landscape. Before we roll the video, here's a Cliff Notes approach to the question "Who are Deluka?"

Ellie Innocenti is the lead vocalist, who's sort of a Debbie Harry/Joan Jett hybrid but has a sound all her own. She formed the band with guitarist Kris Kovacs, and the duo from Birmingham, England were eventually joined by bassist Robbie G. and drummer Stevie J. Palmer. Have a look then have a listen...

The Interview

Exclusive Live Performance -- "Cascade"