08/18/2010 01:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

David Gray Goes 'Foundling' in SoHo

"Please Forgive Me." "This Year's Love." "Sail Away." You know the deal by now. David Gray's honest lyrics and smooth, crisp sound have melted hearts and mesmerized us for over a decade now. At an iTunes exclusive Live Session in the SoHo Apple Store on Aug. 16, the British electro-pop-rock-folk singer once again captivated a crowd of fans, but also seemed to be in a trance a good way obviously.

During a 45-minute solo set showcasing songs off his new stellar album "Foundling" (out today - Aug. 17), Gray clenched his eyes, and swiftly stamped his left foot (a tick, he explained) while playing piano or guitar in front of a crowd of 50 people or so (that's not counting the walker-bys). The image of the singer literally in his own world, feeling his own music and words, made for a pretty nifty night, and provided some eye candy to go with the singer's signature ear sweets.

Moments before performing, I spoke with the Englishman in New York (in a back office of Apple), and
asked him about putting the new album together, writing such deeply-meaningful tunes, and co-headlining a tour with fellow ballad and smooth jam maker Ray LaMontagne (their tour begins tonight in Boston, and hits New York and New Jersey later this week). Watch on, but I'll say this: Gray agreed the pair's audiences are very similar, but in a battle of beards, LaMontagne wins hands down.

Part One: Part Two: Stream of first single "A Moment Changes Everything":

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