A-Sides Interview: Megan and Liz Spread Some Holiday Cheer

12/03/2013 03:14 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2014
  • Jon Chattman Writer/author, founder/host, consultant, proud dad

You'd have to be a cotton-headed ninny muggins not to realize re the holiday season is all up in our respective grills right about now. Holiday specials are airing just about every day. Tree and menorah lightings have and are taking place. Christmas songs are being played and subsequently played out, and yep, Heath Bell has ceremoniously switched uniforms again. 'Tis the season indeed. Moderate humbugs aside, YouTube and Radio Disney-friendly stars Megan and Liz joined the fray of talented pop stars to cover a Christmas classic and it's as delightful as a joyride with Ron Burgundy.

"Oh Holy Night" (yes it's "oh") is a little bit country with a lot of holiday cheer. The pair collectively answered questions about the single, which dropped on iTunes today, their upcoming debut album, and humored me and my sensitive ego a bit. Read on, and watch the music video for the holiday classic below.

How long did it take you to decide on a Christmas song to cover?
It actually did not take long! We were headed to an event where they asked us to perform a Christmas song, and "O Holy Night" is one that both of us - those don't come along as often as you would think - knew all the lyrics to, and just happened to love as well. So, "O Holy Night" it was!

What was the reasoning behind just releasing a single versus putting out a full-length holiday album? Next year perhaps?
The reason behind just the song this year is because we have just been so focused on getting our original album Look What You Stated done. There was just no time to dedicate to a whole Christmas one! But that being said, we would love to do one next year!

"Release You" took off like Ichiro Suzuki on roller skates in the rain. Did it catch you by surprise at all? Do you get my reference at all?
We may or may not have Googled Ichiro Suzuki... maybe.. [Laughs]. In a way, everything surprises us, and nothing surprises us. We have had so many amazing moments since this crazy ride started, and it has really taught us to expect nothing, but to hope for everything.

Well stated! What's 2014 look like for you?
2014, we hope will be filled with airplane rides, 5 a.m. call times, and work. 2014 is the year that our debut album hits the world. [It] has been a work in progress for almost three years, and we will do anything - fly anywhere - to promote show it to the people who believe. We will
hopefully tour on it, and hopefully be able to thank everyone who made it possible in person. 2014 we hope will be the craziest, best year of our life. Bring. It. On.

OK. I will. Lastly, I noticed Nathan Chapman co-wrote and co-produced some of your tracks. His name is close to my name, which begs the question, is there any shot at all for Megan, Liz and Jon recording an album?
Wait --- this whole interview has been done by the famous producer Jon Chattman????? Is our studio time booked yet??? We are all sorts of fangirling right now, don't mind us... see you in the studio Jon!

Well played.

Oh Holy Night - Megan & Liz on Disney Video

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