05/26/2010 02:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins Takes His Riders on the Road

Fret not Foo fans, Taylor Hawkins isn't quiting his day job. The drummer is on hiatus from touring with the Foo Fighters, but that hasn't stopped him from hitting the road with his own band, Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders. Hawkins provides lead vocals, pens lyrics, and - naturally - plays drums for the band he created a few years back, and is in the midst of promoting their just-released second album entitled Red Light Fever.

Days before he and the Riders set off for the European leg of their tour (tour dates have already included Toronto, Boston, and Las Vegas), Hawkins and Rider Nate Wood sat down at the bottom floor of the Blender Theater in NYC to discuss the tour. It was evident from the getgo that Hawkins' side project is just an opportunity for him to perform his own tunes with musicians (Riders also include Chris Chaney on bass and Gannin Arnold on guitar) he enjoys hitting the road with. In no way is he trying to dopplegang Foos frontman Dave Grohl. He'll never be as flashy a frontman Freddie Mercury, as he said offline - nor does he want to be. Here's more from the honest non-frontman frontman.

Part 1

Part 2