12/01/2011 12:43 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2013

"Live ... in the Can" Music Sessions With The Last Royals, J. Aims, and An Horse

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I do some of my best thinking in the bathroom -- most of us do. It's while I'm on the toilet where some of my best ideas have come about. For instance, my idea to write a book on celebrity mustaches (scroll below if you want to be the one person to buy it.) In any event, with this logic, I've decided to launch another music series entitled "Live...In the Can." In this series, artists will perform their tunes in a restroom followed by a brief interview about the song and the experience. The acoustics in a bathroom, as it turns out, are quite remarkable. In this first edition, three acts who participated in "A-Sides" sessions earlier this year performed (not all at once) at the spiffy (and clean) men's room located at the Arctica Bar in New York City.

First up was, The Last Royals, a Brooklyn duo who performed their single "Crystal Vases," which heated up alt-rock stations last summer. The pair (Eric James and Mason Ingram) are currently working on their debut full-length album. Next are An Horse -- the Aussie duo of Kate Cooper and Damon Cox, who played "Not Mine" off their acclaimed recent album "Walls." Lastly, up-and-coming singer/songwriter J. Aims of New York City played "Lie Lie Lie"off his debut album "Scene Not Herd."

Enjoy the show, and don't forget to flush.

The Last Royals

An Horse

J. Aims