08/14/2011 07:51 pm ET | Updated Oct 14, 2011

Showing Her Tan Lines: Jessie & The Toy Boys Prepares for Pop Dominance

How'd you spend your summer so far? Stop. Don't even answer that because it'll pale in comparison to Jessie Malakouti of Jessie and The Toy Boys, who has opened up for Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj on their Femme Fatale Tour and just jumped on the dance-frenzied Identity Music Festival. Talk about an epic summer... and that's not even including stints of dry humping her male mannequins "band members."

The 22-year-old provocative singer/songwriter has been on quite a roll since dropping her debut EP "Show Me Your Tan Lines" earlier this year, and knows it. I chatted with the LA-based soon-to-breakout pop star in New York City earlier this month, and asked her if she's learned anything from the pop royalty she's been on the road with, her sock collection, and what we can expect from her upcoming debut album. Here's a hint -- it'll sound similar to the EP in that it'll be electro pop goodness with a side of the Eighties (have a listen to track "Valentine" now and you'll get it.)

Interview - NYC (Arctica Bar)

Music Video - "Push It"