10/15/2010 12:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

UK/Brooklyn Band Deluka Like the "Night" Life


The Killers fronted by Debbie Harry. That's one way to describe the electro indie rock feel of the new band Deluka. Another option? Bad ass rock music you can dance to. The UK and now Brooklyn-based band, which consists of vocalist/guitarist Ellie Innocenti, guitarist/beat master Kris Kovacs, bassist Robbie G., and drummer Stevie Palmer, just released their debut album You Are the Night exclusively on iTunes (The physical release arrives Oct. 26 by Vel Records), and while you may not know them yet -- to take a line from one of their best songs -- their name will be on your lips pretty soon. Oh, and their songs will be implanted in your head.

I caught up with the band at a vacant dining hall within Webster Hall Oct. 8 -- a week before they play The Studio at that same venue, and talked about their album, where they fit in the rock landscape, and -- as it turned out -- the 1980s old folk classic "Cocoon." Watch (and rock) on below.