10/20/2010 04:59 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Will Arnett -- Finding the Next Job for Gob

Running Wilde the freshman would-be comedy starring Arrested Development's Will Arnett and Felicity's Keri Russell, is on the verge of cancellation. Rightfully so, it seems. The comedy has been criticized for being light on laughs, and wasting the immense talent of its stars. With Wilde likely fading into ratings-shy Lone Star territory, I think it's time for Arnett especially to rethink his career. The guy is funny in anything he's been in no matter the material -- it's time the material catches up with him. (Yes, I enjoyed him The Brothers Solomon.) That's why I'm making a few legitimate suggestions to Arnett (perhaps one or two aren't so legit) in selecting his new job. Of course I say this wishing, hoping, and praying an Arrested Development movie comes first. Taste the happy.

Go to The Office: Steve Carell is leaving a huge opening for another comedic star to take the reigns of Dunder Mifflin. Even if a current cast member gets promoted to Michael Scott's position, I still say Arnett could shine as the Dwight Shrute foil to, well, Dwight Shrute should he succeed Michael.

Join Parks & Recreation: The series really came into its own last year, and Arnett's aloofness could truly take it to a new level. Arnett would fit in perfectly with wife Amy Poehler and her department of incompetence.

Wait out Alec Baldwin's ultimate 30 Rock departure: Look, I'm not saying Baldwin is going to leave the show just yet, but it wouldn't shock me if the political activist (seen here in the pages of the Huffington Post) would eventually leave at the end of his contract. If it's not politics, it'll be movie roles serving as an incentive for Baldwin to leave Rockefeller Plaza. A TGS run by self-doubting homosexual boy-man Devon Banks would soften the blow of Baldwin's departure.

Guest star on Modern Family: The hit comedy has already featured memorable appearances by Nathan Lane, Shelly Long, and 30 Rock irregular Elizabeth Banks, and an appearance here could serve as a launching pad for a family-oriented series of his own. Arnett as the head of the household? Not been there, not done that.

Create a series about a talk show host whose inmates run the asylum. It could be the next 30 Rock only -- well, stranger. Channel your inner Dave Letterman or Craig Ferguson, and get your Arrested Development writers to whip up a killer concept and cast.

Develop and star in a sequel to Seabiscuit. In Seabiscuit 2, Arnett would appear as a tough cop who finds it hard to get used to his new partner, a horse. Think Turner & Hooch but more tragic.

Do a sitcom with Sean Hayes. "nuff said.

Go for the "Gob." Why not take Gob Bluth, move him to Las Vegas, and try to keep up with real magicians. I know an Arrested spin-off is a few years too late, but as Gob himself would say 'cmon!'