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Jon Hoadley

Blog Entries by Jon Hoadley

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (At Work, Anyway)

Posted October 11, 2011 | 13:37:00 (EST)

Today is National Coming Out Day. But if you work in Michigan, you may want to think twice about coming out at your workplace.

That's because Michigan is among 29 states in the union where you can still be fired on the spot just for being gay, or 35 states...

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On Rick Warren: What Are we Fighting For?

Posted December 18, 2008 | 13:23:23 (EST)

Don't email me -- at least not for a day, or two. My inbox exploded.

I received a courtesy call yesterday afternoon from my I.T. expert after she noticed that my inbox had reached its capacity. "It's okay," I responded as I assured her that the sudden surge in messages...

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