05/21/2014 11:06 am ET Updated Jul 21, 2014

A Mother's Hope Never Dies

"Morgan is out there somewhere. We believe she is alive, and we will find her."

Those words are from Colleen Nick. She has every reason to be cynical, sad and overcome with grief. But instead she is hopeful. She is hopeful that her daughter will one day come walking through her front door after all of these years.

It was 10:45 pm on June 9, 1995 in Alma, Arkansas when Colleen's six-year-old daughter Morgan was abducted from a little league baseball game by an unknown man. She was with her mom at the game but had wandered off for a few moments to catch lightning bugs with her friends. And, in a flash, she was gone. She was last seen standing near her mother's car where she stopped to empty sand from her shoes. She hasn't been seen since.

Over the next 19 years, leads would come in. Witnesses saw her with a man. Witnesses saw a red Ford pickup truck. Witnesses thought the truck had Arkansas license plates. Witnesses wanted to help. But the leads never went anywhere and the frustration mounted for Morgan's family.

But instead of becoming inundated with grief, Colleen -- like John Walsh and other's before her -- decided to take this tragedy and turn it into a positive. She created the Morgan Nick Foundation to help families of missing children. All the while, Colleen has refused to give up hope. There is still a $60,000 reward for the recovery of Morgan Chauntel Nick and the arrest and conviction of whomever kidnapped her.

There have been thousands of possible sightings of Morgan. And because of that, Colleen refuses to give up hope.

She believes one day her little girl will walk through the door, give her hug, and say "I missed you, Mom. I love you."

Her hope lives on.

Watch a live interview with Colleen Nick as she discusses her daughter's case with Jon Leiberman and Derek VanLuchene on Thursday May 22,2014 at 8:30pm eastern.

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