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Why We're All Education Activists (or, Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Children?)

(8) Comments | Posted October 6, 2010 | 5:33 PM

I've never been an education activist. In fact, I always held the misconception that things just were the way they were, that some kids were good students, that some weren't, that some teachers were good, that some weren't, and that was that. Some schools would just have high dropout rates....

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta In Pakistan: 'Living On The Edge' (UPDATE: Children Suffering In Pakistan)

(168) Comments | Posted September 1, 2010 | 12:31 PM

UPDATE: Dr. Sanjay Gupta met with Pakistani children suffering from water-borne diseases following the floods.

Three-year-old Faiz Ali who weighs only 10 pounds and is just one of the millions of children struggling to stay alive without proper medical care. His family, like thousands of others, have...

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Single Mother Rebuilds After Katrina, Finds Hope Through St. Bernard Project

(5) Comments | Posted August 31, 2010 | 12:04 AM

About five years and a few days ago, New Orleans brought a few things to mind. Mardi Gras. Jazz music. Gumbo. And to Joycelyn Heintz, it was home. She was a single mother of two daughters, then 15 and 7. She had worked at a utility company for the past...

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'The Big Uneasy' Documentary Explores How Hurricane Katrina Could Have Been Prevented

(334) Comments | Posted August 5, 2010 | 1:21 AM

Hurricane Katrina is often referred to as a "natural disaster," one of the deadliest and most costly in our nation's history. Though the hurricane was natural, the destruction it caused was not, argues a new documentary film directed by actor, comedian, activist and New Orleans resident Harry Shearer.

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The 'Free Sakineh' Mohammadi Ashtiani Movement Spreads Through Petitions And Letters

(4) Comments | Posted August 4, 2010 | 1:46 PM

Iran has modified its charges on Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a woman convicted of adultery in May 2006, to include murder, The New York Times reports.

Though reported without a source via the Jahan news service, Iran claims that her original conviction also included murder, but that the graphic...

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Microlending In America: Can This Third World Success Come Overseas?

(26) Comments | Posted July 29, 2010 | 2:01 PM

With the advent of sites like Kiva, the popularity of microlending is spreading, and may soon rival nonprofit donations as the prominent method of supporting those in developing nations.

The process is simple: ambitious entrepreneurs in other nations have profiles with a listing of how much money...

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Suicide Rates Up Since Recession Began, Debt A 'Way Of Life' For 99ers

(262) Comments | Posted July 26, 2010 | 12:13 AM

Since April, The Huffington Post has reported on the 99ers, individuals who've been unable to find work, and have seen unemployment benefits run out after 99 weeks on the program. In the coming years, we may come to discover not just the economic ramifications of the recession, but...

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'Countdown To Zero' Urges Lowering The Number Of World's Nukes...To Zero

(50) Comments | Posted July 22, 2010 | 11:27 PM

Do you know how many nuclear weapons there are in the world? What about the nations that have them? are those nukes protected? These are pretty important questions that, perhaps not surprisingly, most Americans can't answer.

Even more alarming? The actual answers: there are 23,000 nuclear weapons in the...

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Race To The Top Program Threatened, Teacher Jobs In Jeopardy

(67) Comments | Posted July 16, 2010 | 1:55 PM

Last summer, the Obama Administration announced unprecedented funding for education reform in the form of a new program called Race To The Top. The initiative sought to reward schools for retaining good teachers and improving student performance.

Now, funding for Race To The Top may be in jeopardy due to...

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Donations Are Down, But Nonprofit CEO Pay Goes Up

(30) Comments | Posted July 16, 2010 | 1:04 PM

Despite donations to nonprofits dropping amid the American recession, salaries for nonprofit CEOs are on the rise, and expected to rise even more in 2011.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that 31 percent of nonprofit organizations gave a pay increase to their executive staff in 2010. (Note: the...

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Steinbrenner And Charity: How Did The Former Yankees Owner Give Back? (PHOTOS)

(14) Comments | Posted July 14, 2010 | 2:35 PM

George Steinbrenner may have been the long-time face of the New York Yankees, but in his hometown of Tampa, Fla., he was just as well known for his generous philanthropic efforts.

Steinbrenner founded the Silver Shield Foundation in 1982, an organization that supports the families and children of...

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Warren Buffett Talks Giving Back, Oprah With HuffPost's Willow Bay

(38) Comments | Posted July 8, 2010 | 2:16 PM

In an interview for Huffington Post and Yahoo! News, our own Willow Bay spoke with old school entrepreneur Warren Buffett on the economy, LeBron James, and his charitable endeavors.

You may remember that Buffett, several years ago, announced that he would be giving away the large majority of...

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Where is Your Food From? Not Even Restaurant Owners Know

(8) Comments | Posted July 6, 2010 | 5:02 PM

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend and it's, of course, the same stuff every time. You walk around, gamble a bit, and then after seven hours or so you can't wait to get out of there.

Of course, on the positive side, they have some great food there,...

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East Coast Heat Wave: How Do The Homeless Cope?

(107) Comments | Posted July 6, 2010 | 11:47 AM

As a vicious heat wave continues to cook the midwest and east coast, with no sign of relief until Thursday, focus in media coverage turns to how to beat the heat and stay safe. The strategies are simple: drink lots of water, avoid too much exposure to the sun, and...

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Joan Cote, USO Delaware, Manages The Military's 'Dignified Transfer'

(281) Comments | Posted July 4, 2010 | 12:01 PM

Mention the United Service Organizations -- almost universally known as the USO -- to most Americans, and the first thing you'll likely hear is "Bob Hope." The USO is eager to alter that image. Not that organizing performances for the troops isn't an integral part of their mission, but the...

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David Sparks, Air Force Chaplain, Offers Comfort To Families Of The Fallen

(16) Comments | Posted July 1, 2010 | 11:12 PM

military heroes

Mention the United Service Organizations -- almost universally known as the USO -- to most Americans, and the first thing you'll likely hear is "Bob Hope." The USO is eager to alter that image. Not that organizing performances for the troops isn't...

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Landon Donovan Surprises Student Volunteers, Emphasizes Public Service

(1) Comments | Posted June 30, 2010 | 12:48 PM

In one of his first public appearances since returning to the United States from South Africa Tuesday Morning, U.S. soccer player and now-household name Landon Donovan appeared at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service Teen Forum at MTV studios in Times Square, to speak to an audience...

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'A Small Cog In The Wheel': Photojournalist Uses Imagery To Tell Soldiers' Stories

(16) Comments | Posted June 30, 2010 | 7:00 AM

Mention the United Service Organizations -- almost universally known as the USO -- to most Americans, and the first thing you'll likely hear is "Bob Hope." The USO is eager to alter that image. Not that organizing performances for the troops isn't an integral part of their mission, but the...

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Comedian Jeffrey Ross On Visiting Servicemen Overseas: 'They're The Best Audiences'

(12) Comments | Posted June 29, 2010 | 3:45 AM

military heroes

Through Independence Day, HuffPost Impact is running a series of stories called "Breaking the Roles," highlighting the servicemen and women of our armed forces who don't typically see the media spotlight, and the remarkable work of the USO, who are...

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Federal Plan To End Homelessness Unveiled By White House

(100) Comments | Posted June 22, 2010 | 11:42 AM

The White House and the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) unveiled a plan this morning to end homelessness in America. The strategy seeks to end veteran and chronic homelessness by 2015 and family and youth homelessness by 2020. The plan is called Opening...

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