Onyx & Breezy Foundation Sets Hollywood Fundraiser

04/08/2013 12:08 am ET | Updated Jun 07, 2013

When Wanda and Mark Shefts' beloved black labs, Onyx and Breezy, died within weeks of each other in 2004, the Shefts were heartbroken, as anyone with a companion animal would be. But unlike most, they had the financial means to set up an animal rescue foundation in their four-footed friends' honor, the Onyx & Breezy Foundation.

To date, the charitable foundation has saved thousands of dogs, cats and even horses and rabbits by making donations to animal rescue organizations and even individuals. No one involved draws a salary.

The foundation has held fundraisers online and on the East coast, where the founders live, but is now holding one in Los Angeles for the first time. The celebrity studded gala will be held in the Hollywood Hills on April 13.

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