12/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

SAG Strike Authorization Vote Shifts Into Gear

SAG sent a long email to its members yesterday urging its members to vote yes on strike authorization ballots to be sent out in December. The email was largely in the form of a Q&A explaining the union leadership's argument that a strike authorization is a necessary negotiating tool. An exact date for mailing out the ballots wasn't specified, but as I've previously blogged, I expect them to go out soon, so that the approximately 4 week process will conclude, and results will be in hand, before the Golden Globes (January 11).

UPDATE: Because a lot of members of the general public read these posts, I want to add something in fairness to SAG not everyone knows: the changes SAG is seeking will not make a difference to rich actors. They are a very small percentage of the union, and negotiate their own deals with fees well above the union minimums. Rather, SAG's concerns are middle-class actors for whom these issues may make a difference some day (SAG says the issues make a difference today, but I suspect that's overstated). I'm against a strike for various reasons which I've previously blogged about, but the issue of wealthy actors isn't among them, because it's a non-issue.