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FOX Launches Coordinated Assault on McClellan

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If there is any doubt that FOX is the Republican/Bush propaganda machine, take a look at how they're going after Scott McClellan in the wake of his tell-all book about the Bush administration, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception. Having received their orders, FOX hosts and pundits have begun attacking McClellan and conjuring scenarios to explain how a former loyal Bushie would dare to be (gasp!) repentant about the lies he told, unwittingly or not, and would want to expose the propaganda campaign that led America into the worst foreign policy debacle in its history.

ThinkProgress has assembled a compilation of motherFOXers weighing in on McClellan with their patented deceptive blend of opinion/commentary/fake reporting, including:

Brad Blakeman, former White House staffer: "A publisher got to him and he waved a lot of money, I'm sure, in front of him and he took the bait and that is just unfortunate."

Trent Duffy, former White House deputy press secretary: "It's like he just turned over the pen to a publisher and signed his name at the bottom and got a big fat book contract."

Bill O'Reilly: "McClellan is in it for the bucks, keeping in mind his publisher also distributes books by George Soros and other far left people."

Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary: "And I talked to Scott yesterday and Scott did tell me, that his editor, this is Scott's words, 'tweaked some things closely in the last few months.' And I think what did happen, Bill, was the book was pretty much done and set and Scott went back in, and I think his editor wrote a lot of it."

Newt Gingrich, former House speaker: "Here is this guy who want to sell books. He's cut his ties to the administration and his publisher says, 'Now look, you can spice it up a little bit.'"

Steve Doocy: "Apparently the publisher did some tweaking. How much? That's a really good question."

Wait a minute, Fleischer, Gingrich and Doocy -- are you actually claiming that a publisher might hire an editor to EDIT a book? My stars! I may swoon. I also heard a rumor that McClellan typed the book on a liberal Mac laptop, too.

It's amazing to me that the Bush administration is freaking out about things that everyone already knows to be true: the Bush administration waged a powerful propaganda campaign to fool the press and the rest of the country into supporting the Iraq war; Karl Rove is a liar whose sausage-like fingers were all up in every shady scheme waged by the Bush administration; the Bush administration exhibited mind-boggling incompetence dealing with Hurricane Katrina; etc. etc. etc. Really, what on earth does the Bush administration think it's defending? "No, it's not that we're liars -- we're just incompetent idiots who have no idea what's happening around us." Yeah, that's much better.