A Vicious Man

02/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Wailing Wall of Bush. Except instead of pushing notes of prayer into the crevices, you draw out limitless notes of havoc.

Of all the lines in George Bush's farewell address, I thought the most shocking was "like all who have held this office before me." The line brought home to me a fact that I am often in denial about: this guy really has been the President for eight years.

After a hurricane, a tornado, or a more personal tragedy like the loss of a loved one, there is shock on the face of the person impacted by the event and when they finally speak the usual line is, "this can't be happening." It's the denial phase. That's where I've been. It's as if the whole eight years is a "this can't possibly be happening."

Recently, my sister wanted Nixonland as a Chanukah present. At the bookstore, I was directed to the Modern U.S. History shelves and on the way I passed the Politics and Government shelves... which as of 2008 could better be described as the "what the f*#@ is up with up with that guy?!" shelf.

Lots of books. Katrina books, Iraq books, Gitmo books, Afghanistan books, run-up to 9/11 books... In fact, look over the publishing dates on all the books published during the Clinton administration, the Bush the Elder administration, or the Reagan administration, I saw that never before during an administration have there been so many books published concurrent to that president being in office. Woodward hasn't been able to contain himself. He wrote one book about the Clinton administration between '92 and 2000. Bush years? Four books. It was as if he, as with all of us and our examinations of Bush, could somehow diminish his power. Eventually, thankfully, it did do that. But, I don't think that was the drive. And, the fact of him... still couldn't quite get it through my head.

So, I see the "what the f*#@?!" shelf out of the corner of my eye. If you ever bump into a family member, not expecting to see them... there is that split second you see what they really are. Who they truly are, without interpretation or prejudice based on what you know of them. In the bookstore, that's what it was -- saw all the books out of the corner of my eye. And, what I got was: vicious. This man was vicious. And the denial? If one is being continually assaulted, there is no time to accept. His assault on America is over. Our prayers have been answered.