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Jonathan Miller, The Recovering Politician, is the former two-term elected Kentucky State Treasurer and the author of the critically-acclaimed The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America.

In his nearly two decades of public service, Miller held several other senior positions in state and federal government, including serving in Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s Cabinet as Secretary of Finance and Administration, as Deputy Chief of Staff of the U.S. Department of Energy, and as Legislative Director for Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN).

Jonathan has waded knee-deep in the political muck from an early age, founding Students for Al Gore for President in 1988, reviving College Democrats of America in 1989, serving as a Deputy Political Director for the Clinton/Gore 1992 presidential campaign, chairing the Kentucky Democratic Party in 2007, and running successfully twice for State Treasurer (1999, 2003), and unsuccessfully for Congress (1998) and Governor (2007).

But while he learned everything he needed to know about this country through his public service, Miller learned most of all that to be the change he wanted to be in office, he’d have to stop campaigning for one.

That’s why Jonathan has left the arena for the private sector. He serves as Senior Adviser to Wellford Energy, a firm dedicated to helping develop and finance affordable clean energy technologies across the country, and he practices law at the Lexington office of Frost Brown Todd, a full-service law firm with offices in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and West Virginia.

And on April Fools Day, 2011, he launched The Recovering Politician web site. (Read The RP‘s mission statement.)

To compensate for his political obsessions, Miller has also devoted himself to his faith. As a high school student, Jonathan served as President of the North American Federation of Temple Youth, the Reform Jewish movement’s youth organization that his father headed a generation before. For more than a decade, Miller has taught Sunday School to high school students at Temple Adath Israel on the subject of Tikkun Olam, the Jewish mandate to help make the world a better place. And his faith journey led him to pen The Compassionate Community: Ten Values to Unite America (Palgrave MacMillan: 2006), in which he shares his vision of a political system based on the universal principle, in the words of the Scripture, “to love your neighbor as yourself,” and of a society where Americans of all faiths can build a stronger democracy.

Jonathan’s other passions include University of Kentucky basketball, Cincinnati Reds and Boston Red Sox baseball, New York Times crossword puzzles, playing guitar, watching TV shows that range from Mad Men to The Office to Glee, and reading everything he can devour on his iPad, from classic literature to trashy pop culture magazines to Twitter feeds.

Miller and his wife of 21 years, Lisa -- a published author on healthy body image and personal empowerment; and now a health and wellness educator -- are most proud of their teenage daughters Emily (17) and Abigail (15), who have begun to follow their own policy passions, without too much noodging from their beaming father.

Entries by Jonathan Miller

How Alison Lundergan Grimes Can Defeat Mitch McConnell

(4) Comments | Posted July 2, 2013 | 10:26 AM

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes was more than 30 minutes late to her hastily-arranged press conference -- held in a cramped, non-airconditioned room that used to double as an AFL-CIO hall -- to announce her decision to challenge U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in his 2014 reelection...

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Mr. President: Legalize Hemp!

(15) Comments | Posted May 10, 2013 | 3:15 PM

legalize hempThis week, I have the honor and pleasure of joining Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer as we meet in Washington, D.C. with an impressive swath of Obama Administration officials -- from the White House to the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and...

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The Seismic Shift on Marriage Equality Reaches My Old Kentucky Home

(4) Comments | Posted April 10, 2013 | 10:47 AM

Two years ago, at this very site, I came out and endorsed marriage equality.

My announcement wasn't a matter of courage at all -- I'd put behind my life in the arena after two terms as Kentucky State Treasurer, and as I embraced my new status as a

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'Not That There's Anything Wrong With That': The 20th Anniversary of When the Show 'About Nothing' Really Mattered

(8) Comments | Posted April 1, 2013 | 12:46 PM

It was 1993.

Andrew Sullivan had only recently written The New Republic cover story introducing many Americans to the very idea of gay marriage; it would be nearly a decade before any state would legalize it.  The notion of "marriage equality," furiously debated before the Supreme Court and among...

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Hemp and the Legacy of 'The Last Free Man in America'

(13) Comments | Posted March 27, 2013 | 5:59 PM

We tend to mythologize the dead; and perhaps that's fair with politicians who've passed, since we use them for rhetorical target practice when they are stumping the earth.

But regardless of the intended spirit, today is a very special day for the memory of my friendly acquaintance and sometimes political...

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'Winter in Scotland': How Ashley Judd Will Force the Media to Develop a Sense of Humor

(1) Comments | Posted March 12, 2013 | 1:48 PM

I'm no Jerry Seinfeld.  But there are few things I enjoy more than making people laugh. Intentionally, of course.

In fact, as a recovering politician, I've found that the effective employment of a sense of humor -- particularly of the self-deprecating variety -- can be an invaluable resource in...

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Why Our Economy Demands Immigration Reform

(10) Comments | Posted February 7, 2013 | 2:12 PM

When it comes to restoring strong, long-term growth in our nation's economy, there are few solutions more practical, bi-partisan, and urgent than immigration reform.

Our current immigration system is rigid, outdated, and simply unable to keep up with demands of the new global marketplace. For our nation to thrive...

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America Needs Leadership... Now

(1) Comments | Posted December 11, 2012 | 12:17 PM

The last couple of weeks have been littered with false starts and steps backward in fiscal cliff negotiations. America needs its leaders to find a solution now more than ever, but real leaders have not yet emerged from the Capitol or the White House.

The American people...

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Why My Fellow Liberals Should Support Israel in Her Conflict with Hamas

(71) Comments | Posted November 20, 2012 | 10:15 AM

As an American liberal who loves Israel because I'm a liberal, I've been disturbed by the recent diminishing trend of American progressive support for the Jewish state in its decades-long conflict with its increasingly hostile neighbors.

A recent CNN/ORC poll concerning the Gaza conflict intensified my anxiety: While a...

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No Labels: How Citizen Action Can Promote Problem Solving

(2) Comments | Posted November 14, 2012 | 1:00 PM

There's a leadership crisis in Washington.

Although we've re-elected President Barack Obama, much of the president's success depends on what happens in Congress. If we want our country to move forward over the next four years, we need Congress and the president to put political point-scoring aside and work...

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What We'd Like to Hear in Obama and Romney's Closing Arguments

(1) Comments | Posted November 2, 2012 | 4:20 PM

Jonathan Miller, an Obama supporter, and Ted Buerger, a Romney supporter, are two of the co-founders of No Labels, a grassroots movement of more than 500,000 Democrats, Republicans and Independents, dedicated to promoting bi-partisan problem-solving. Below, each of them suggest what they'd like to hear from their candidate...

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Make the Presidency Work!

(0) Comments | Posted October 31, 2012 | 4:39 PM

Promises, promises.

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are certainly making plenty of them.

Recent experience, however, suggests they will have a hard time keeping many of their promises.

It's not because either is intentionally lying (all the time); but rather, it's because gridlock, obstructionism and hyper-partisanship have become...

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Fix the Debt!

(3) Comments | Posted October 3, 2012 | 6:11 PM

I've used this column on numerous occasions to promote the work of No Labels, a national grassroots movement, involving more than 500,000 Democrats, Republican, and Independents, all of whom agree that we must at times put aside our labels to do what's right for our nation.

Whatever our...

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My Impossible Run Through the World Series of Poker

(0) Comments | Posted July 11, 2012 | 4:28 PM

It's instructive that my impossible run through the World Series of Poker tournament was a study in black and white:

An exhilarating roller coaster ride encompassing 40 hours of mind-thumping boredom.

A liberal former politician succeeding by playing with an über-conservative game plan.

A victory of steadfast patience, the absence...

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Presbyterians: Help Prevent Injustice Against Israel

(202) Comments | Posted June 26, 2012 | 12:43 PM

On June 30, the biennial General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) will consider the church's divestment from three American companies because of their sales to Israel. This misguided, ineffectual proposal would have only one meaningful ramification -- It would seriously deepen a growing chasm between the church and some...

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Lebron, Tiger & Why I Find Myself Rooting for the "Bad Guys"

(3) Comments | Posted June 15, 2012 | 6:28 AM

For most of his career, I'd been largely indifferent to NBA superstar Lebron James. My passion is college basketball, and since Lebron leaped straight from high school to the pros, I never had the opportunity to root for him in Kentucky blue, or curse him if he had, God forbid,...

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The Crazy Lie of "Pinkwashing" and the Liberal Case for Israel

(74) Comments | Posted June 6, 2012 | 2:09 PM

Last November, I published a blog post at The Huffington Post entitled "The Liberal Case for Israel."  It was my most popular and most controversial piece to date.  This week, I published a new book, "The Liberal Case for Israel: Debunking Eight Crazy Lies About the Jewish State."  For...

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The "Aspen Curse" & the Sorry State of Bipartisanship

(0) Comments | Posted May 16, 2012 | 1:47 PM

I've never been so devastated by the defeat of a conservative Republican to the U.S. Senate as I was this Tuesday.

It's not just that Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning is a great guy: a warm, humble, often hilarious teddy bear of a man who's the type of person...

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Join Me and the President and Make Your Voice Heard on Marriage Equality

(3) Comments | Posted May 11, 2012 | 9:08 AM

One year ago today, in my inaugural column for The Huffington Post, I came out of the closet for marriage equality, and encouraged the President to do the same.

While I'm not presumptuous enough to think that my column made any difference (I am a recovering politician, after all),...

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Why Kentucky Basketball Matters

(43) Comments | Posted April 3, 2012 | 8:09 AM

An uninformed visitor to my old Kentucky home this week might conclude that they'd mistakenly walked onto the compound of a Prozac-fueled utopian cult.

An odd but euphoric delirium had descended upon the hills, hollers and hamlets of the Bluegrass State.  Men and women walking more upright, a bounce in their steps, a...

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