06/07/2013 08:43 am ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

HuffPost Workouts: My First 10K Playlist

On Saturday, June 8, I'll be joining a few thousand other women in the Oakley New York Mini 10k.

This is only my second race and my first at this distance, and though I'm certainly a little nervous, my sole goal is to cross the finish line and appreciate the experience. About a year ago, I could barely jog for two minutes without stopping, and since then I've come to genuinely enjoy running -- something I never expected. I'm not the fastest or the strongest (far from it), but who cares? The rush of pride I feel after completing a run, regardless of the time or distance, is much more important than any other marker of success.

On the to-do list before picking up my bib is finalizing my race playlist. I'm always searching for new workout music, and the main thing I look for -- especially when it comes to running tunes -- is a song with a solid, quick beat. If the tempo is too slow, I instantly feel sluggish.

The following are several of my favorite running songs. Here's hoping they'll help push me along come Saturday morning!

  • "Can't Be Saved" -- Senses Fail
  • "One Girl Revolution" -- Superchick (In keeping with the "powerful women" theme of the race!)
  • "Supermoves" -- Overseer
  • "Timestretch" -- Bassnectar
  • "Shake It" -- Metro Station
  • "What You Waiting For?" -- Gwen Stefani
  • "Cold Hard Bitch" -- Jet
  • "Fuego" -- Bond
  • "Enter Sandman" -- Metallica
  • "Stomp To My Beat" -- Js16
  • "Song 2" -- Blur (This is a short song, so when it comes over my headphones I try to push myself a little harder for two minutes.)
  • "Right Here, Right Now" -- Fatboy Slim
  • "No Giving Up" -- Crossfade (Don't give up! Pretty on-message, I think.)
  • "Starless" -- Crossfade
  • "We Come Running" -- Youngblood Hawke
  • "We Came To Smash" -- Martin Solveig, DEV
  • "I Love It" -- Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX
  • "Fitzpleasure" -- alt-J (The moment about 30 seconds in, when the beat picks up, gives me a boost of energy!)
  • "Allegretto" -- Bond
  • "Are You The One?" -- The Presets

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