The Classic Crime in Haiti

04/11/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Jorge Hernandez Jorge Hernandez is a Music Business entrepreneur based in West Hollywood, CA

Since this if my first post, humor me for one moment and allow me to reveal my socio-political tendencies. I'm an avowed secularist and a proud liberal who supports intelligent, rational discourse. I'm also a passionate supporter of every minority groups' equal rights. Suffice to say, people like me aren't exactly on Glenn Beck's holiday card list. As die hard as I am about my own personal inclinations, I recognize that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that demands we all set aside our political, religious and social bias in order to work together towards one common cause. I take my cue and inspiration from one of my clients, The Classic Crime. These five rockers from Seattle are selflessly utilizing their fan base and tapping into their faith to make a difference in the lives of others.

On November 2, 2009 The Classic Crime boarded a plane bound for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With an HD camera in hand, the band set out to meet and work with a missionary named Tom Osbeck. It is my understanding that most missionaries do not last longer than 18 months in Haiti simply because conditions on the ground are so rough and unforgiving. Tom Osbeck has been in Haiti for over 10 years and counting. During that time he has established an orphanage, a school and personally adopted over 20 children. As you read this blog, Tom is tirelessly delivering aid and comfort to countless Haitians in need. In short, Tom is in the business of saving lives.

Upon their return to the Seattle, the members of The Classic Crime committed themselves wholeheartedly to supporting Tom and making a difference in Haiti. At their own cost the band began self-producing a four part video series of their trip. Not that Haiti was a paradise before the earthquake, but The Classic Crime Goes to Haiti gives you a snapshot of what Haiti was like two months before the devastation as well as providing a look into the hearts and resiliency of the Haitian people. Just as importantly, this video series shows how one dedicated, compassionate individual can transform and touch the lives of so many people.

Parts 1 and 2 of The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti can be seen below.

Part 3 will go live on-line on February 16, 2010 and part 4 will go live on-line on February 23, 2010. You can watch all of these videos on The Classic Crime's YouTube page, MySpace page or Facebook page.

In addition to raising awareness for Haiti with the release of their video series, The Classic Crime is also utilizing the release of their upcoming album, "Vagabonds", to raise much needed funds for Tom's mission. The band has purchased their own album at cost from the record label they're signed to, Tooth and Nail Records, and in turn online retailer Zambooie has agreed to sell the album at zero margin. From now through April 6, 2010, 100% of all the profits generated from The Classic Crime's pre-sale will benefit Tom's mission, JiHM. If The Classic Crime is not your cup of tea and you would like to donate directly to JiHM, visit The Classic Crime's Facebook Cause page.

The Classic Crime are not mega-rich Rock stars living in posh mansions. The band is comprised of five humble and very dedicated musicians who exemplify how each of us can use our own personal and professional resources to make the world a better place. OK, stepping off my soapbox now ...