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Jose Aristimuno
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Jose Aristimuño is a political strategist, life coach, and CEO of Latino Giant, a national organization that empowers Latinos to reach the American Dream.

He is a regular contributor to a variety of broadcast, print, and digital media outlets both in English and Spanish; including CNN en Español, The Huffington Post, NTN24, and XM Radio.

Jose is a graduate from American University, with a Political Science Degree and a concentration in American Government.

Entries by Jose Aristimuno

The War on Sugar and How We Can Win It

(1) Comments | Posted May 19, 2015 | 1:00 PM


Today, nearly 70% of American adults are either overweight or obese. For decades, Washington has been focusing on fighting the obesity epidemic without properly picking the right battles.

In recent years, the food industry has been able to insert over 10...

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How to Be Happy in a World of Turmoil

(4) Comments | Posted April 24, 2015 | 6:54 PM


How many times have you thought to yourself the following: If only I had more money, if only I had someone to love, if only I had a better job, if only I felt better.

If only I had that one thing...

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The Secret Ingredient of Success: Taking Action

(0) Comments | Posted March 11, 2015 | 1:56 PM


When most people talk about success and how to attain it, people often think about the process of becoming successful and things such as: How long will it take to achieve my goal? How will I get there? What is my strategy?

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Garner's Death Is a Call to Action

(2) Comments | Posted December 7, 2014 | 4:16 PM


The last couple of months have brought to light a series of events that question the essence of what makes us such a great nation; that universal truth, endowed by our Creator, that all men are created equal.

The hard reality in all...

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On Immigration, Obama Is on the Right Side of History

(3) Comments | Posted November 18, 2014 | 3:34 PM

With the President's recent return from his diplomatic trip in Asia, and the year about to end, Barack Obama is getting ready to sign what many call "one of his biggest political decisions of his presidency."

In Washington, there are rumors that...

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In State of the Union, Obama is Cautious on Immigration Reform

(1) Comments | Posted January 30, 2014 | 10:53 AM

This week, President Obama urged Congress in his State of the Union address to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.

And although the President made the call that Congress needed to act, many have been quick to criticize him for only dedicating a short portion of the...

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Shooting After Shooting, Congress Does Nothing Towards Gun Control

(190) Comments | Posted November 20, 2013 | 3:04 PM

How many shootings must we endure before Congress acts on gun control?

Just this year, tragedies such as the Navy Yard shooting in Washington D.C. and the recent scare at a New Jersey mall proved that the conversation of gun control in this country should continue.

And if that wasn't...

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Young Latinos Are Feeling the Positive Effects of the Affordable Care Act

(10) Comments | Posted October 1, 2013 | 9:05 AM

If you've ever shopped for health insurance, you know that the prices for adequate health care, whether for an individual or a family, are unreachable.

In the past, insurance companies charged you an immense amount of money to get on a plan. And if you happened to have a...

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When It Comes to Social Media, Latinos Can't Be Ignored

(4) Comments | Posted March 9, 2013 | 2:50 PM

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend the East Coast Chicano Student Forum at Harvard University, where I had the privilege of conducting a presentation to a group of college students from Ivy League Universities eager to learn how they could follow...
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A Young Latino's Dream Is Answered: What it Was Like to Meet the President of the United States

(1) Comments | Posted January 17, 2013 | 4:40 PM


I remember it vividly as if it was yesterday: Four years ago, sitting at home, in Coral Springs, Florida, watching the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama.

That day, at 20-years-old, I dreamed of one day being involved in the political process and...

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Young Americans Have the Power to Change Washington

(1) Comments | Posted January 11, 2013 | 3:03 PM

As a 24-year-old Latino-American, I came to Washington, like many, with the hope of being able to change things for the better.

As an immigrant to the U.S., I champion the need for immigration reform. I champion it, because I've lived it. I've been through the system, and have seen...

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Violence Prevention Starts at Home

(3) Comments | Posted December 26, 2012 | 9:53 AM

Over the past week, I've been pondering on the tragedy that recently happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. And amidst all of the media coverage and the quantity of Internet coverage the subject has gotten, I can't help to think how painful it must be for families to cope with this...

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Los jóvenes latinos hicieron la diferencia en las Elecciones Presidenciales

(1) Comments | Posted November 8, 2012 | 10:45 AM

mapa electoral

En el transcurso del martes pasado, millones de latinos fueron a las urnas en esperanza de elegir al próximo presidente de los Estados Unidos.

En los últimos años, el 'Voto Latino' se ha visto en crecimiento acelerado, gracias a los más de 50 mil ciudadanos...

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