09/21/2007 10:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Smears "Democrat Party"

The current President of the United States has so much contempt for the opposition party that he refuses to refer to it by its rightful name.

In 2000 he talked up being a "uniter" and "reaching across the aisle" and "working with Democrats" as he claimed to have done in Texas. But as with everything else we've had to endure from the Decider, it was all a pack of lies thrown our way for partisan advantage.

A real president represents all Americans, not just those from his party, or those who might have been duped into voting for him. A real president understands that he must be able to speak to those Americans who do not agree with him.

He has never been the "president" of the United States, but the "president" of the Republican Party. I cannot believe this sorry specimen, this paramecium, serves in the same office as did Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He isn't worthy of cleaning FDR's bidet. Yet he sneers at the party of Roosevelt, calling it the "Democrat Party," a demeaning, disrespectful twist on the party's name cooked up by the Frank Luntz/Karl Rove smear machine.

George Walker Bush has stolen two elections, lied us into a disastrous war, turned our former allies against us, and tarnished our standing in the eyes of the world. He consciously uses smear tactics that were thought to have died with Joseph McCarthy.'s "General Betray Us" newspaper advertisement did not say anything derogatory about the U.S. military; on the contrary, it wished to sound the alarm to its fellow citizens that this president is abusing the military. The ad pointed out the truth that General David Patraeus was doing the bidding of the current resident of the White House to perpetuate the war, not presenting an unbiased report from the field.

Once again, Bush has shown his utter contempt for the office he holds. He is not our president but the president of the right wing of the Republican Party. Advocates of impeachment have known all along that unless and until Bush is removed from office the nation is in peril.