Rudy Giuliani

10/10/2007 03:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yankee Stadium erupted in thunderous booing when Rudy Giuliani's mug flashed on the jumbotron during the seventh inning stretch. Could New Yorkers' chilly reception of their former mayor, (even in the middle of "God Bless America"), be the result of the fact that he continues to milk shamelessly for his own financial and political benefit their beloved city's most horrifying trauma?

Look up the term "political whore" in the dictionary and you should find a photo of Rudy Giuliani.

He dropped out of the 2000 Senate race after dumping his second wife and parading his new paramour for all to see at Gracie Mansion.

He foisted Bernard Kerik (Judith Regan's shloop-mate) on the City of New York where he profited from his post as police commissioner, and then Rudy convinced his hero, George W. Bush, to appoint Kerik the Homeland Security Secretary, thereby precipitating one of Bush's biggest reversals regarding his cabinet and considerable political embarrassment.

He shunned participating in the 9-11 Commission so he could instead rake in the bucks giving monotonous jingoistic speeches to potential campaign donors about what a hero he is due to 9-11.

No wonder cops were known to have gleefully yelled: "It's Giuliani Time!" as they shoved a plunger handle up Abner Luima's rectum nearly killing him.

Not since the 1930s in certain European countries has anyone sought to repress "degenerate art" with such vigor as did Giuliani when he cut off funding to the Brooklyn Museum during the "elephant dung" incident.

Giuliani's entire public life can be summed up with two words: "Nine," "Eleven."

And he now wants to be president of the United States by promising to be Bush on steroids?

In a political culture that is supposed to value "like-ability" over all other attributes among presidential aspirants, and voters are presumed to vote only for those candidates with whom they would love to "have a beer," it's strange that Giuliani registers even a blip in the polls, especially in the Corn Belt.