The Art of the Mixtape

07/23/2010 01:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I recently interviewed the immensely talented singer-songwriter Tift Merritt for a boomitude podcast. She's a storyteller with the kind of old school heart that is more often associated with another era of music, and her song "Mixtape" is the perfect illustration. She sings of a simple musical expression of love from days gone by, but somehow makes it relevant in today's static-filled world.

Working on this project with her was more of a collaborative effort. She is deeply committed to the creative process... not only as it pertains to her craft but rather how it impacts the world around her. As a subject she is both interesting and genuinely interested. Because she produces her own radio show, she is well versed in the power of listening. Through her program The Spark, she is a champion of the artist and her goal is similar to my own: immerse the listener in a sonic snapshot of the storyteller's soul... much like the perfect mixtape. Here's my sonic snapshot of Tift Merritt and her latest recording See You On The Moon: