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Vote Yes on Prop 2 and NO to Industrial Farming

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Even though this is a West Coast election issue it was originally posted on Chicago Foodies and cross-posted here.

If only we lived in California. This should be adopted in Illinois and all states.

On the ballot In California is a proposition to guarantee humane treatment of animals raised in the food industry. Their website is comprehensive and it's led by the Humane Society. If we all think of how well we treat our pets and how poorly we treat our food it changes your perspective.

I've complained about it before but have to say it again: Industrial farming is amazingly bad for animals and for us. Forgetting foie gras (as it's really a different issue), the simple nature of expansion, greed and efficiency is deplorable. When you go out to eat, ask where your meat, poultry and eggs are coming from. In fine dining establishments we generally don't think to ask, but if we pay a premium for "quality" food, I expect thought and consideration to not only be paid to the preparation of the ingredients but to who the suppliers are and how they do their business. There are myriad reasons beyond ethics.

The newest strains of E. coli have developed due to the antibiotics that are necessary in overcrowded and filthy farms. Hormones, as well, are short cuts to maximizing the pound-per-animal. But to be frank, eating is an experience and when you know that what you are eating lived a short and miserable existence because of you it kind of ruins the taste of your food. And since you know it why are you still eating it?

So please list your favorite places to get humanely treated, drug and hormone free meat poultry and eggs.