02/12/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WATCH: Celebs Thank Obama, Talk Substance on Energy, Global Warming

Some of the Sierra Club's BFFs in the entertainment industry got together to make this video to congratulate President-Elect Obama and thank him for the extraordinary leadership he has already demonstrated on environmental issues. But the video is more than just an ode to the awesomeness of the President-Elect. The Hollywood heavyweights -- including Pierce Brosnan (who is indeed a US citizen), Edward Olmos, Tamara Feldman, Missy Higgins, and Wilmer Valderrama, among others -- also bring up substantive policy issues that Barack Obama can begin addressing on day one in order to tackle global warming and start making the clean energy future a reality.

We're inviting the public to send their own comments to President-Elect Obama and then urge him to enact the Clean Slate Agenda. The Clean Slate Agenda is four things Obama can do on right away on day one to chart a new course on global warming and kick the clean energy economy into high gear:

1. He can end the rush to build new coal plants by directing his EPA to require all new power plants to limit their global warming emissions.

2. He can direct his EPA to approve plans by 18 states to require clean cars.

3. He can direct his EPA to end mountaintop removal mining by stopping coal companies from dumping rock and waste into valleys and streams.

4. He can restore America's international leadership in the fight to end global warming by publicly committing the US to cut its CO2 emissions at least 35% by 2020.