Global Warming Denier Bob Lutz Continues Making General Motors Look Ridiculous

11/06/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Despite their laudable corporate policy on environmental issues, General Motors has a really hard time getting their message on global warming right. Last night on 60 Minutes, Bob Lutz continued his efforts to turn General Motors' commitment to the environment into a bad joke.

First, we learned that Lutz has a massive carbon footprint. Owning a helicopter and a jet is bad enough, but two of each is unheard of.

Speaking about his own personal carbon footprint, Lutz acknowledges he and his wife own two helicopters and two jets.

Leslie Stahl then moved closer to the issue we all want to hear about:

"You have a terrible reputation with environmentalists, as you well know.

Amazingly, Lutz denies this:

"Well, actually some of them like me but go ahead...," Lutz replies.

Show me an environmentalist that "likes" Bob Lutz and I'll show you a gullible fool. Seriously, I'd love to know who he is talking about. Maybe Tom Wilkinson will be kind enough to stop by and shed some light on this, because I'm not buying it.

In the following exchange, Leslie Stahl offered Bob Lutz a golden opportunity to apologize for his backwards remarks of the past. He refused to do so.

"Well they don't like what you said about global warming," Stahl says. "Do you want to repeat what you said about global warming?"

"Of course not, because this is a family network," Lutz says.

"You don't think there's global warming? Is that really true?" Stahl asks.

"I'm not going to get into this. Because...," Lutz replies.

"Because you got into so much trouble when you said it the first time?" Stahl asks.

"That could be right. Yeah," Lutz admits.

It is clear that, as A. Siegel likes to say, Lutz is still a Putz. He still thinks global warming is a crock of shit. He is now just staying quiet about it to avoid a public backlash.

Newsflash to General Motors: This is not good enough. If you want consumers to take you seriously as a 21st century automobile manufacturer, you can't have a global warming denier as your most visible corporate spokesman. Prove to us that you take climate change seriously, and we will take you seriously. It is that simple.

Here is the video of Lutz' 'performance' on 60 Minutes. It is worth watching the whole thing, to see an interview with Elon Musk of Tesla Motors.