Obama's Ozone Capitulation: Celebrated by Conservatives and Denounced by Liberals

09/07/2011 01:07 pm ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

President Obama's decision to undercut EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson by cancelling a long-overdue update to smog standards was a mistake on both the politics and the policy. For smart takes on the politics of this, you can read Steve Benen and Paul Krugman. For smart takes on the policy implications, read Brad Plumer, Kate Sheppard and David Dayen.

In assessing the implications of policy decisions, it is useful to consider how various individuals and organizations respond. To that end, I've compiled some key reactions to President Obama's announcement.

So far I've found 7 Republican politicians and 7 industry groups that are supportive of the President's decision, and 2 Democratic politicians and 12 public interest groups that are critical of the decision. If you know of other statements that should be included here, please let me know.

Notably, even as the Republicans and industry groups praised the decision, many of them managed to include an attack on the President in their statement as well.

Person or Organization Supportive Statement Critical Statement
Senator Mitch McConnell X
House Speaker John Boehner (spokesman) X
Reps. Fred Upton and Ed Whitfield X
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor X
Chamber of Commerce X
American Petroleum Institute X
American Enterprise Institute: X
Senator Jim Inhofe X
Senator Pat Toomey X
Senator John McCain X
Electric Reliability Coordinating Council: X
Heartland Institute X
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association X
Electric Power Generation Association X
Greenpeace X
American Lung Association X
Sierra Club X
Friends of the Earth X
Natural Resources Defense Council X
Senator Barbara Boxer X
Rep. Ed Markey X
League of Conservation Voters X
Move On X
Center for American Progress X
Center for Biological Diversity X
American Thoracic Society X
Health Care Without Harm X
The Trust for America's Health X