The Secret to Packing Everything You Want

04/16/2013 02:32 pm ET | Updated Jun 16, 2013

I have never understood why some people have the need to brag, so when I say, "I fly a great deal..." it is not meant to evoke envy, but rather to put into context the reality that I have experienced that which is both precious and precarious soaring high above the clouds.

I love to fly, I love everything about flying and even when faced with long lines and delays, an airport evokes a sense of adventure in me as I set forth to conquer the world and take on the added responsibility of proudly representing my fellow travelers as the Ambassador of the emergency exit row. Here I am trained rigorously by the flight crew to courageously fling passengers to safety as I simultaneously disengage my flotation device and ensure that all oxygen masks fall from the compartments above.

So what is my gripe? When are we going to collectively decide that it is nearly impossible to travel anywhere with a suitcase weighing between 40 and 50 pounds? When will we begin to live again and pack the winter coat, the curling iron, the extra pair of underwear and large tube of toothpaste so that when we arrive safely at our destination, we actually have what it takes to enjoy our vacation or have a productive business meeting without first having to find a drugstore and pay double for the items we left behind?

Be bold, lead the pack and pay the piper. Overage charges are fact and all those quirky little tricks and tidbits about how to beat the system lead you to one reality; a suitcase half-empty never led to a glass-half full travel experience.

Have I ever under-packed to try and save a buck? Guilty as charged! Yet now I choose to take the path less traveled and suck it up! The rules are the rules and as of late whether you are flying a discounted carrier or a more mainstream brand, you simply need to pay if you want to travel with the things you need.

It is time, the world has changed and whether or not you agree with the policy you simply cannot win. So do yourself a favor and pack all the personal care products you want. Stuff your suitcase full of cute little dresses, tops, sweaters, heavy sweatshirts, that extra large bottle of aspirin, snacks for the hotel (as I still see no reason to pay forty-seven dollars for a small bag of chips) and even throw in a solar generator just in case you are left without electricity during a freak power outage at your destination. Whoever said you "can't take it with you..." was wrong. You simply will need to pay about $50, which is money well spent and only three dollars more than the over-priced snack in the mini-bar.

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