09/20/2010 05:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

10 New Music Artists to Watch This Autumn

I get a lot of new music at my daytime gig as the editor of a music website. So much that it's impossible to keep up with all of it. In this digital overloaded world, I can't even imagine how music fans with jobs that don't involve surfing the web all day can keep up with all the good music out there.

With that in mind, URB has assembled a list of our fave new artists who people will be talking about this Fall. There easily could have been ten different acts on this list, but we feel confident about those chosen here.

1. Salem
The mysterious Michigan/Chicago/NYC trio Salem have been called a variety of things--drag, goth-juke, haunted house, just to name a few--but it was their chopped-and-screwed goth-edged remixes of hip-hoppers like Gucci Mane that first stoked the blog fires. Their thick, syrupy beats fit the slow drawl of Southern rappers perfectly, and their originals deserve even more attention. Their upcoming full-length debut, King Night (out September 28 on IAMSOUND) is a creepy, tripped-out collection of songs that make the hair on your arms stand straight up. Marisa Brown

2. How To Dress Well
The best songs are the ones that can be interpreted in any way, yet still retain their magic. The best covers pick up those magical songs and put a spin on them heretofore unexpected. How To Dress well hit the bulls-eye when he turned Ready For The World's "Love You Down" into an ethereal haze of mutant beats and chilling vocal samples that will make your cat stand up in disconcert. Having conjured the perfect formula for achieving distortion at low volumes, HTDW offers up a full dose of this anxiety-prone "chillwave" on his debut album, Love Remains, out on Lefse records. Joshua Glazer

3. The Drums
The Drums are the combined musicality of Jonathan Pierce, Jacob Graham, Adam Kessler, and Connor Hanwick. Their undeniably catchy sound is an interesting mix of mid-'80s Factory bands and simple '50s pop, with guitars float over a 1980s pulse. The foursome gained notoriety as "New York's official coolest new band" accor g to NME in June of 2009 and rocked shows around the city (what city?) for the rest of the summer. Their first full length, self-titled album was released later in 2010. Cob

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