09/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rep. Chris Smith Wants to Criminalize the Birth Control Pill (Seriously...)

I'm Josh Zeitz, the Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey's Fourth District. I want to talk to you about my strong support for reproductive rights, but first I want to tell you about the person I'm running against.

My opponent, Rep. Chris Smith, is the longtime chairman of the House Anti-Choice Caucus. On twenty-two separate occasions, Chris Smith has introduced legislation to criminalize the common, everyday birth control pill and IUD. He wants to put millions of American women in jail for using the pill. We have to say no to this kind of extremism. My campaign has produced a video outlining Smith's attempt to criminalize the birth control pill, and you can view it below. I believe that access to basic birth control and family planning services is a fundamental right. By attempting to criminalize the pill, Chris Smith's policies increase the number of unintended pregnancies.

There is much on which pro-choice and pro-life advocates differ. But if we agree to disagree civilly, there are many issues on which we can cooperate. Contraception is one of those issues. By providing women with a full range of information and health care options, we can help them make informed decisions about their lives and bodies. We can drive down the number of unintended pregnancies in America, and thereby reduce the number of abortions.

I know how important reproductive rights are to all of you, and I want to thank you for taking time to learn more about this important congressional race.

Please visit my campaign website at to learn more about our efforts in Central Jersey.