My Review of my own version of "W," as dreamt by me, in trailer form

05/25/2011 12:50 pm ET

OK, so this might be a little weird, but I'm sharing it anyhow. A little while ago I dreamt my own version of Oliver Stone's "W." But here's the even weirder thing: the night before, I dreamt a trailer for my own dream version of "W." And it was a great trailer:

SCENE: George and Laura together in a dark study. There is a fire in the fireplace. It is a quiet moment. George reclines in Odalisque repose on a tooled leather settle. I can't recall if it was the real George Bush or the Josh Brolin George Bush, but he is definitely younger, less grey, less troubled. He is also naked. As is Laura, who is on the floor, with her hair mussed. Privates are tastefully obscured (of course), as their feet nearly touch at the center of the scene, framing the fireplace in the background. The rich darkness of the study and illumination from the fire make it look like a painting. The trailer begins on the fireplace, actually, and the camera slowly pulls back to reveal the scene of post-coital lovers. There was clever, counter-thematic music supervision, the way Sofia Copolla set Marie Antoinette repairing to the Trianon to New Order. I recall: Six Different Ways by The Cure. The whole thing is strangely beautiful, this intimate moment from before lives were ruined. And I thought: well, at least they loved each other. And then I thought: this is going to be a great movie.


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