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Getting Your Boss on the Green Bus

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If Dilbert wanted to go green at work, where would he start? Singing the virtues of natural light and energy efficient data centers seems unlikely to leave much of an impression on his pointy-haired boss. But if Dilbert is like more than half of American workers, he thinks his employer should do more to reduce its environmental impact. Cubicle dwellers nationwide now have a new tool for making that happen. The EPA's Energy Star program today launched an interactive collection of resources for organizing everyone from interns to execs to use less energy and fewer resources. Jumping into the green office fray with nonprofits, state governments, and blogs (check out our 10 Ways to Go Green at Work), the Energy Star at Work tool aims to bridge gaps between at-home thermostat programming, CFL installing, and water conserving and old-school wasting that persists in many workplaces. According to Enesta Jones, an EPA spokesperson, such gaps are unnecessary: "A lot of what you do at home is applicable at work."

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