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Mother Goose Meet 'Other Goose': 7 Classic Nursery Rhymes Re-Imagined (PHOTOS)

Posted: 10/15/10 08:35 AM ET

An Introduction from the 'Other Goose,' the author of "Other Goose" ...

Let it be said that it is difficult for me to gather my thoughts in any other form than rhyme. But as this volume of altered classics may be shelved among "Mother Goose" books, a few words of explanation may be in order.

First, let me tell you a little secret about Mother Goose. SHE IS NOT A GOOSE! She is actually a person. And while I certainly compliment her rhymes, some of them have grown quite dusty over time. I mean, what good is a pocket full of rye anymore, I ask you?

That is why I am here.

I am actually a goose.

And I know how to rhyme.

I have taken Mother Goose's rhymes and, let us say, re-nurseried them. I have made them more modern, more fresh, and well... more Goosian. I have also found an illustrator named J.otto Seibold (who is not a goose) to create pictures for my rhymes. I find a rhyme is rather lonely without a picture.

Rhymes are important, you see. Before there were books, important thoughts were passed down by way of rhyme. Why rhymes? Because they get stuck in your head! That's just how rhymes are. Especially Goosian rhymes. They are Extremely Memorable Words.

So, without further ado, I present a sampling of my collection, recorded as I remember them best: the Other Goose book of nursery rhymes.

-- Other Goose

Blah Blah Black Sheep
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Other Goose © 2010 By J.otto Seibold. Used with permission of Chronicle Books, San Francisco.
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