Bison, Fashion's New Favorite Skin (PHOTOS)

02/18/2011 04:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Joy Yoon Writer, Researcher and Editor

Bison is all the rage. From new meat alternative to now, fashion, Jason Jones and Mike Feldman, the duo behind the Los Angeles label Parabellum are pushing the fashion boundaries with their use of bison skin.

Parabellum, a premiere collection of men's and women's accessories crafted from 15-year-old Bison skin are combined with military-grade ceramics, DuPont Kevlar, soft lambskin, and salvaged vintage cashmere for the "the perfect union between luxury and utilitarianism."

Bison skin, similar in texture to elephant, is tough. But through a time consuming process of treatment, tanning, and assemblage by a group of skilled craftsmen, Parabellum creates sumptuous, richly textured (only achievable by allowing bison to mature fully), and sophisticated bison crafted accessories.

Their newest product, the Archer tote, is a statement piece and a must-have. With the current rise of the Bison and Buffalo population in America, the Bison trend will be catching on sooner than you think. So why not start now?

Available at Maxfield, Union, Colette and Tomorrowland.

Parabellum: The Archer Bag