04/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As a therapist who works with women and men going through fertility treatments, and as a woman who went through them myself for ten years, I'm really pleased to announce the arrival of

It can be an incredibly stressful and lonely experience to strive for a baby. For women and couples anywhere along the spectrum of IVF, donor egg, surrogacy, adoption or being child-free, FertilityAuthority is there for you as a resource.

It's the only web portal dedicated to fertility, updated daily to provide you with information, news and insights. And while it offers educational information (much of it written by seasoned healthcare journalists and vetted by accredited Reproductive Endocrinologists) it also serves a more important purpose: connecting women and men to others experiencing infertility. FertilityAuthority has blogs, message boards and patient videos through which you can learn about others' real-life experiences and insights.

Infertility has reached epidemic proportions (7.3 million women and their partners experience infertility in the U.S. alone) and FertilityAuthority supports women as they go through the process. It connects men and women with doctors, clinics and therapists, provides information to help them understand their condition, and keeps them abreast of the latest news and scientific advances in fertility.

Set in motion by an all-female team of seasoned media veterans, many of whom have experienced infertility, and with Alexis Stewart as its celebrity spokesperson, they understand what content they need to provide to empower women and men to be proactive regarding their fertility.

Since the site is brand new, more features will be added as it matures, and they want your feedback so you can have a hand in shaping it as it becomes even more tailored to meet the needs of its readers.

You can also find on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - so there are lots of ways to connect with them and their community.