An Interview With Sandro Rosell (Part One)

05/28/2010 02:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

If there is one thing that makes Sandro Rosell, it's been his involvement in the "youth revolution" that took place at Barcelona in the early part of last decade. He was part of that new generation of executive that ushered in this successful era at the Camp Nou. He was the engine behind the Joan Laporta campaign back in 2003. He was also instrumental in using his leverage at Nike to help bring Ronaldinho to the blaugrana from Paris-St.Germain, thus truly beginning to revert their fortunes after six trophyless years.

In this first part, we spoke to Sandro regarding his past with the club. Also the legacy left by the group that he and Barca's "new breed" helped create. Obviously, he will also talk about his platform as well as realities that the club needs to start facing in the very near future as we were one of the only foreign outlets to speak with him prior to the upcoming June 13th elections. This is the first of two parts of an exclusive interview.

Juan Arango -- In perspective, what do you think about your journey from the time you were a ball boy in the Camp Nou until today, when you are days away from an election that could find you as president of the club you love. What do you think?

Sandro Rosell -- I think that a lot of my experiences give place to a long history, building a close bond with Barca as a part of myself and my personal history. In fact, when I was a child my father was a board member of Barca, and I was athletic vice-president from 2003 until 2005.

Now, along with a group of friends and excellent professionals who feel for Barca with the same intensity as I do, with great enthusiasm I lead a solid project for the future of the entity; Working along the line of commitment and the sense of responsibility.

Without a doubt, I am living a wonderful dream that I hope to transform into a reality on June 13th. And even after, I will continue to be another member, and proud to be it.

JA -- In your opinion, what is the most important legacy that your group has left behind in FC Barcelona? What are some of the biggest changes you have seen in the club in the last decade?

SR -- Barcelona has become one of the most important clubs in the world at all levels. The economic growth, and especially the athletic growth, has been spectacular. And I would like to highlight two single accomplishments of great relevance, like the fight against violence in the stadium and the agreement with UNICEF.

But it is also true that in the social and in the management level (in particular at the patrimonial level), Barcelona has important adjustments where immediate action is needed and this forms part of the base of my electoral program.

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