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Judit Trunkos
Judit Trunkos is a fourth year PhD student at the University of South Carolina with the first field of International Relations and second field of Comparative Politics. In terms of research interests, Judit has been researching Soft Power, more specifically globalization’s influence on Soft Power and Foreign Policy. In Comparative Politics her focus has been the democratization and political culture of European countries. Prior to attending USC, Judit has completed her Master's at Winthrop University focusing on the new tools of diplomacy in the 21st Century.

Entries by Judit Trunkos

How Putin Stole Our Smartpower

(1) Comments | Posted June 18, 2014 | 2:42 PM

The Cold War's bipolar system taught many lessons on the use of power. Perhaps one of the most important was that the West could not have won the Cold War by a perpetual arms race only, it needed an array of soft power tools as well. The attraction of the...

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