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Judith Blau

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Exceptionalism is Wearing Thin

(4) Comments | Posted June 17, 2009 | 7:57 PM

In an article published in the Chicago Journal of International Law, Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, writes: "Washington pretends to join the international human rights system, but it refuses to permit this system to improve the rights of US citizens" He explains that when the US...

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Bailing Out a Leaky Boat

(0) Comments | Posted October 29, 2008 | 6:45 PM

As the sub-prime mortgage crisis spread to all financial sectors of the U.S. economy and quickly to the rest of the world, the media heaped praise on governments for bailing out financial institutions. The media have also been uncritical in their assessments of high-level meetings to save capitalism itself: a...

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Trade, Economists, and Collective Goods

(2) Comments | Posted August 13, 2008 | 9:44 PM

Why we leave trade up to the economists is worth exploring. The purpose of trade is to promote the well-being of people and to advance the prosperity of communities and society in ways that benefits the present generation as well as future generations. The purpose of trade is not to...

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(13) Comments | Posted July 4, 2008 | 8:46 PM

What might the American people ask Barack Obama to tackle on January 21st? I am assuming here that the members of the Electoral College elect him. I am also taking him at his word when he says, "I'm asking you to believe not just in my ability to bring about...

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