17-Year-Old Santa Clara University Grad Determined to Raise $1 Million in Venture Funding by Her 18th Birthday

04/19/2013 06:05 pm ET

Brienne Ghafourifar, co-founder of the Silicon Valley tech start-up, Entefy Inc., looks to secure additional funding by April 29.

Brienne Ghafourifar wants to change the world. She believes "people everywhere should have the same access and opportunities to connect in meaningful ways and actualize their dreams." To realize her vision, the Palo Alto teen co-founded the Silicon Valley start-up, Entefy Inc., to harness the power of technology to maximize social impact. At the age of 17, Brienne is the youngest college graduate to raise venture funding and is driven to raise $1 million before she turns 18 on April 29. The capital will be used to officially launch Entefy.

Entefy is a provider of next generation communication solutions designed to simplify and optimize everyday digital interactions. Its single application leverages technology in new ways that, for the first time, harmonize communication (email, text, voice, video, social), search and storage seamlessly across any device.

Brienne's travels to 20+ countries have helped shape her global vision and motivated her to remain persistently active in solving big social problems; She dreams of democratizing access to vital resources, information and knowledge for citizens around the globe. Brienne attributes her achievements and determination to her support system and is "humbled" to have been raised in Silicon Valley, a creative hub of innovation and opportunity. Her goal is to help pass along similar opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

The tools that Entefy is building will revolutionize the way people search and share information, so that anyone will have the network and support to accomplish their dreams from wherever they may be in the world.

"Time is a terrible thing to waste. If we are going to work on something, we are going to make it important," Brienne said.

As a 17-year-old college graduate and co-founder of Entefy, Brienne is brimming with passion. She is aligning her talents and experience with a purpose, leading a life of urgency and compelling others to do the same. Brienne is determined to raise $1 million in venture funding by her 18th birthday on April 29 in order to manifest this vision.

"Make it count and never give up," Brienne said.

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Entefy Inc. is a provider of next-generation communication and information management solutions with a mission to connect people and the world in meaningful ways. Entefy is building the world's first Universal Interaction Engine to seamlessly bring together your world of communications, search, and storage, all with a single application across any device. Entefy is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.