It's Time to Pre-Occupy Wall Street

10/23/2011 05:12 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2011

Occupation was a good idea, but it's so last week. It's starting to look like squatting without the luxury accommodation. And, worse still, the Wall Street barons are yawning. We need to find new ways to make our point.

It's time to pre-occupy Wall Street. Here are some tactics that might just seize the attention of the one percent.

Get Naked
Nothing gets people's attention like nudity. And we get to show the bankers that we, too, "have skin in the game." My advice is that, with winter nearing, we implement this one first. What we do once we have their (and the world media's) full attention is up to us.

Flash Mobs
Occupy Wall Street is nice. And contained. Which is just the way "they" like it. What if groups of protestors (law-abiding people, one and all) were to suddenly appear wherever the rich are likely to be? Like luxury retailers or gala events (bonus points if it's a fundraiser for the poor!). We don't need to do much, just stand and stare. And maybe some polite gestures with our hands that signal disapproval. Then, faster than you can say, "Good God, the riff raff are everywhere!", we'll be gone.

Play Music
Remember when the Americans blared loud rock music to flush Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega out of his hiding place? I'm thinking we need a really rousing chorus of some super-long left-wing folk song, sung by the protestors as slowly and earnestly as possible. With or without guitar and Morris dancers' bells. Over and over again. Why, it would be like Christmas: a choir that moves up and down, say, Fifth Avenue. Endlessly.

Date Their Offspring
Nothing scares the powers-that-buy more than hook-ups with their young ones (this will be particularly powerful in countries where the class system is in full force, like Occupy London or Occupy Brazil). Pick a few smart beauties (think: Good Will Hunting) and send them into places where the rich might be. I can hear the cries of "Uncle!" now.

Throw Money
Obvious, I know. But think of the viral potential when men and women in expensive suits and furs are caught running after the stuff (Monopoly money will do just fine). Then, while they're doing that... well, who knows what we'll get up to?


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