05/13/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

What Drives You Absolutely Bonkers?

Last week we had fun with this question, "Which 10 Things Can't You Live Without?" A reader suggested that we do it again, only in reverse. So, what drives you totally crazy? What could you really, really live without?

Here's my top 10 list. What's yours?

1.The colour blue
I know, it's the world's most popular colour. I just can't stand it.

2. Dill
Ew, ew, ew.

3. My bad habits
Oh, it's a long list. But at the tippy top: spending too much money on clothes.

4. Hot, humid weather
Toronto swings between minus 40 and plus 40 (that's Celsius) each year. I prefer the cooler end of the spectrum.

5. Packaging that's hard to open
Anything that requires a tool - from scissors to one of those silicone wraps - is badly designed.

6. Stuff
It seems to me that I spend much of my day moving things from A to B. Or cleaning it. (See #3 for most egregious example.)

7. Walking on the wrong side
We drive on the right side, let's all walk right, too. People in left-side-driving countries (UK, Hong Kong, Oz) have figured this out. We can, too.

8. Fear of aging
People who think it's all downhill after 50 make me crazy. And those who see the aging population as a terrifying tsunami do, too. (My new book aims to shake up this kind of thinking. More soon.)

9. People who feel entitled
Examples are everywhere, but I'm thinking about the patrons of a posh LA sushi restaurant who thought they were above the law and could eat whale. They just got busted.

10. The gap between rich and poor
Need I say more?

Now, it's your turn. What drives you bonkers? And let's make this a good natured game, OK? Our intention is not to do harm, but to blow off a little steam.

Julia Moulden usually writes about people who see things that drive them crazy (everything from poverty to environmental devastation) and decide to pitch in and do something about it. She calls these people "New Radicals". For more, please see archived articles.