Liz Cheney's Solution To Bow-Gate: Choose Dick In 2012!

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dick Cheney's golden-haired spawn Liz Cheney is full of great
ideas. Like how if Obama really wanted to do the honorable thing, he'd
take his farce of a peace prize
and shove it right down the stupid Nobel committee members' throats. Or
send the mother of a fallen American soldier to accept the prize just
to remind those Nobel ingrates who exactly keeps them safe and snug
every night.

Unlike NObama, Liz also knows the best way to keep America safe
isn't through silly diplomacy or cultivating strong international
allies or anything pussy like that. I mean who are we, France or

Like anyone's gonna take us seriously if we stop randomly invading
sovereign nations, start adhering to international law, and suddenly
stop pissing the whole world off just because it's fun.

Perhaps that's fine for "community organizers" in Chicago, but out in the real world, Barry's way just ain't gonna cut it. The O-man is in for a big surprise!

Take his recent trip to Asia for instance, where Comrade Barry made
the unforgivable mistake of greeting Japanese Emperor Akihito with the
traditional custom of bowing respectfully while shaking hands as a sign
of honor. Gasp!

How dare he? Start with a bow and the next thing you know Obama's
thanking them for Pearl Harbor and apologizing for that whole A-bomb
thing. I mean, the past is the past people!

Liz, for one, would never endanger America by treating an important
world leader and key global ally with respect and deference. And you
know who else wouldn't? Dick, that's who!

In fact, when Dick met the emperor back in 2007, not only did
Akihito not get a bow, the little man's lucky he didn't get a swift
kick in the balls to go with it. Let alone dither around with any of this "bowgate" crap.

"You could also look at the comparison and think, Cheney 2012," Liz chimed in during a roundtable discussion on Fox News Sunday.

Which made the rest of the panelists hoot with delight!

Barely managing to contain his hysterical laughter at such sheer
brilliance (and wit!), Bill Kristol quipped that, "Sarah Palin would
never bow to the emperor of Japan. She wouldn't even curtsy to him."

Don't be silly, Bill. She doesn't even know what a curtsy is.
Besides everyone knows Japan isn't a real country. It's just a faraway
fantasy island they used for that giant gorilla movie. Donkey Kong or