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30 formas de comer pão com queijo pelo resto do mundo

(1) Comments | Posted February 11, 2016 | 10:55 PM

Se você nunca antes teve o desejo de viajar pelo mundo, você vai ficar após ver isso.

O gráfico da Food Republic resume todas as formas em que o resto do mundo prepara o pão com queijo. E, queridos, vamos dizer que o tradicional pãozinho de queijo é...

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So THAT'S Why Everyone's Drinking Kefir

(0) Comments | Posted February 11, 2016 | 10:26 AM

Kefir might not be as trendy as chia seeds or quinoa, but it's making a stir in the health food scene. This fermented milk drink, which hails from Eastern Europe, is often likened to drinkable yogurt in taste and health benefits. It's mildly sweet and tangy and is...

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Die geheime Zutat, die dein Rührei von okay in großartig verwandelt

(1) Comments | Posted February 11, 2016 | 9:34 AM

Wetten, ihr habt euer Rührei noch nie so zubereitet?

Der Unterschied zwischen einem guten und einem unglaublich guten Rührei liegt manchmal nur in der Zubereitungsart. Oder an dieser einen geheimen Zutat.

simple provisions

Wir haben dieses wunderbare Rührei von Food Blogger "Simple...

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24 Valentine's Day Desserts That Are Better Than A Date

(0) Comments | Posted February 11, 2016 | 9:03 AM

Unless you're one of the lucky few, Valentine's Day sucks. It either makes you feel like you're all alone (don't worry, you're not) or it convinces you that the romance from your relationship has simmered to a neutral (not true, either). The expectations of love for this one single day...

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10 Ways To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without The Sugar

(0) Comments | Posted February 10, 2016 | 1:30 PM

• Store-bought sugar-free desserts aren't always the tastiest. Bake at home!
• Stock up on maple syrup, honey, dates and bananas as healthier alternatives to refined sugar.

Sugar makes its way into so many of our foods. It's snuck into salad dressings. Finds its way into...

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Smoothie Bowl Recipes For All Your Breakfast Needs

(0) Comments | Posted February 10, 2016 | 11:40 AM

Smoothies are most often thought of as a beverage, drank from a cup with a straw. But that's not the only way to enjoy this iced fruit (and sometimes veggie) beverage. It's now being blended up thick, served in a bowl and loaded with lots of delicious...

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12 Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes Worth Staying Home For

(0) Comments | Posted February 10, 2016 | 11:09 AM

Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, there's no reason you shouldn't eat a good meal on this holiday. And by that, we don't mean going out to eat (we're actually pretty against eating at restaurants on this particular day). What we mean is that come this...

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This Secret Ingredient Will Take Your Scrambled Eggs From OK To Amazing

(1) Comments | Posted February 9, 2016 | 10:15 AM

The difference between good scrambled eggs and great scrambled eggs often comes down to cooking technique. That, or this new secret ingredient.

We stumbled across an awesome scrambled egg recipe from food blogger Simple Provisions that calls for none other than coconut milk.

A couple tablespoons of the...

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Healthy Breakfast Recipes That'll Leave You Feeling Great

(0) Comments | Posted February 9, 2016 | 9:34 AM

There are a lot of great options at the breakfast table, but not all of them are going to fuel your day in the best way possible. As much as we love pancakes, waffles and French toast, those choices will leave you feeling sluggish more often than...

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11 Foods To Stock In The Fridge To Make Healthy Eating Easy

(0) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 1:18 PM

Eating healthy today presents lots of challenges. There's the whole willpower thing to conquer, which is huge considering how many great bakeries exist in the U.S. alone. Then, there's the planning that goes into how to pull it off with such a busy schedule -- unhealthy foods...

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The Fat Tuesday Recipes That'll Help You Celebrate Mardi Gras Right

(1) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 9:21 AM

In the UK, Fat Tuesday is known as Shrove Tuesday -- a day celebrated by eating a stack of fluffy pancakes. In Poland, it's Paczki Day -- which refers to the jelly-filled doughnuts they eat the day before lent. And for Americans, Mardi Gras is basically synonymous with...

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The Pancake Recipes You Want And Need

(0) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 9:05 AM

There are a few foods that make us swoon, and pancakes are definitely one of them. We know they're a simple dish, made with nothing more than common items we have stored in our pantry. But they taste like a treat. Like chocolatey brownies and...

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The Secret To Buying The Best Parmesan For Your Buck

(0) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 8:23 AM

Any Parmigiano-Reggiano fan knows that saving a couple of bucks with an imitation wedge will never, ever do. The flavor of a fake parm simply cannot compare to that of true parmesan -- and often has an off-putting taste that'll make you with you'd gone without altogether....

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Slow Cooker Soup Recipes To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

(0) Comments | Posted February 8, 2016 | 8:06 AM

The slow cooker is good at making so many things. It transforms big cuts of meat into a tender meal. It bakes up dessert in the blink of an eye. It even knows how to mix a cocktail. And it's an expert at making some...

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How To Turn Your Favorite Veggies Into Gnocchi

(0) Comments | Posted February 5, 2016 | 9:51 AM

Italian gnocchi are one of the greatest pleasures in life. Bite-sized, cloud-like dumplings, typically made from potato, they basically taste like an edible hug.

While potato is the most common base to make gnocchi, it's not the only ingredient that can be used. Butternut squash, sweet potato, and even greens like arugula...

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The Best Ways To Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs, Ranked By Peel-Ability

(2) Comments | Posted February 5, 2016 | 9:37 AM

Hard-boiled eggs are generally pretty easy to make -- just boil, peel and eat. But some eggs are easier to peel than others. Why is that?

One factor is the freshness of the eggs. The less fresh the egg, the easier they are to peel. This is because...

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How To Eat Seasonally In The Middle Of February

(0) Comments | Posted February 5, 2016 | 9:21 AM

Winter is a bleak time for produce in most places, there's no denying that. When compared to the bounty of spring and summer, it's hard to imagine eating seasonally in the dead of winter. What is there to eat, anyway, that hasn't been flown in from thousands of miles away?...

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The Healthy 3-Ingredient Brownie Recipe You Shouldn't Live Without

(0) Comments | Posted February 4, 2016 | 11:12 AM

Anyone who knows anything knows that brownies are pretty much the best. Rich, chocolatey, and easy to bake, they have the ability to turn the worst of days around. If you're a serious brownie fan, you are also aware of their utter irresistibility. Try as you might, when faced...

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Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes That Everyone Will Love

(0) Comments | Posted February 3, 2016 | 10:17 PM

There are a great many naturally gluten-free breakfast options out there. Eggs, yogurt, smoothies: Gluten-intolerant folks have choices. But breakfast is more often than not a feast of carbs -- with pancakes, waffles, pastries and toast making the rounds -- and those recipes are obviously loaded...

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The Chicken Wings Recipes You Want And Need

(0) Comments | Posted February 3, 2016 | 10:02 PM

Buffalo wings will always hold a special place in our hearts (and stomachs). Americans eat roughly 1.3 billion wings for the Super Bowl alone, so clearly they are adored.

While the classic recipe is great, there are so many delicious ways to make chicken wings that it'd be a shame...

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